Monday, 5 December 2016

Spirits Burning Dutch review translated

What a week ... CD SPIRITS BURNING LIGHT & CLEAR - The Roadmap to Your Head (2016) A soothing journey  ... ... whose leg pitches space rock, jazz, ambient and folk. That's what the collective Spirits Burning led by Don Falcone, supplemented by Cyrille Verdeaux of Clearlight sounds on 'The Roadmap to Your Head ".Furthermore, in addition to 35 others who work, many musicians from the Gong context active as Steve Hillage, Didier Malherbe, Mike Howlett, Theo Travis and Daevid Allen. This work is also a salute to this sadly deceased magician. Beneficent I wrote , adventurous, exciting and relaxing can I add. Mainly instrumental, except for 'Roadmaps (the Other Way) "sung by Allen. And a beautiful, bright production. Fourteen great tracks with outliers as the 'Sun & The Sculptor Electrobilities "stuffed with a catchy sequence, the jazzy' The Birth of Belief 'and drenched with beautiful Mellotron stripes" Black Squirrel at the root of the Staircase'. A wonderful surprise this album. At works with many musicians flown in the often messy and disjointed. That is by no means the case. All the different styles here are fed through a blender making it into all seams and joints integral breathes the atmosphere of brotherhood 'space rock' hot. Harry de Vries (what a week 39)

The Roadmap In Your Head
CD - £9.99

Healthy Music in Large Doses
CD - £7.99

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