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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hugh Hopper: German review (translated)

Hugh Hopper / Memories

Playing time: 63:29
Format: CD
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2014
Style: Fusion, Prog Rock
Review on 17/10/2014 Joachim 'Joe' Brookes

Honor to whom honor is due. The died in 2009, Hugh Hopper (including Soft Machine / Soft Machine Legacy ) was from the late sixties until 1973 the bass player for the Canterbury band Soft Machine to illuminate and these creative musicians with only one album, it would not be fair. There are a total of ten items, which have been brought onto the market separately. This album "Memories" is first. Volume 2 is "Frangloband". Then follow plates with the titles "North & South", "Four By Hugh By Four", "Heart To Heart", "Special Friends", "Soft Boundaries", "Bass On Top", "Anatomy Of Facelift" and "What A Friend ".
From the information sheet from Gonzo Multimedia stating that "[...] the ten part series is to compliment a heretofore large body of work (over sixty titles) by presenting previously unreleased concerts and studio recordings, with a focus on Hugh's Compositions as Performed by groups under his leadership. [...] " were compiled the tracks from Michael King , a Canadian student of English bassist.
Born on 29.04.1945 started Hugh Hopper's musical career already with delicate eighteen years in the Daevid Allen Trio , already with drummer Robert Wyatt in the line-up. In 1964, the Tieftonzupfer along with his brother Brian formation The Wilde Flowers . Again drummed Robert Wyatt . Other members were Kevin Ayers , who is also in Soft Machine was active and Hugh Hopper was replaced, and Richard Sinclair . The latter was then in also belonging to the Canterbury Scene groupCaravan active.
Soft Machine was with her ​​avant-garde experimental music of his time to the leading formations and after Hugh Hopper 1973, the successful combo of turned his back, he worked together with Carla Bley , Gary Boyle's Isotope , Gilgamesh by Alan Bowen or Stomu Yamashita group Eastwind . In theFranglo-Dutch band played Hugh Hopper together with Dutch musicians and as the French guitaristPatrice Meyer came to be called Franglo band .
Even "Memories" is an impressive showcase of the bassist. It highlights various stages of his career.Here one encounters not only on Soft Machine . So the protagonist interprets the music of Alan Gowen . Beautiful here in its context on the band National Health to refer. Gilgamesh was another station of Alan Gowen . Hugh Hopper's group Franglo tape comes in two pieces also have their say and the last song of the album "Long Piece" is a sound experience of a special kind . Though billed as 'Hugh Hopper Computer collage', it is well to handmade music, as are the Line-up »Friends = + Many Many Surprises" announced. Are available for all songs brief introductory information of Hugh Hopper and the song just mentioned he can not remember all the participants. Anyway, "Long Piece" is a session with many facets and it lights not only in the spectral colors. There are infinitely many nuances in this fusion groove. Hammer, as Hugh Hopper has merged this song about creative arrangements. There is a barely-ending galaxy of loops, saxophone antics, singing, improvisation and musical bulky parts, which should delight die-hard fans of jazz in most free forms. "Memories" is a cosmos of floating dreams (even with a Far Eastern Gusto), intense sounds and phases of the exalted Expressionism.

The booklet has been compiled carefully. The images reflect the past, and the presence of the bassist. There is an accompanying text by Michael King , a statement of Brian Hopper and a abgedrucktes interview Davey Cross led. From station to station ... on "Memories" are Hopper Hughactivities from 1969 to 2004 documented. This plate is already a must for music lovers."Frangloband" offers live concert from 2003, recorded at Le Triton, Paris.
Hugh Hopper (bass - # 1-3, fuzz bass - # 6, acoustic guitar - # 1 computer programming - # 4)
Mike Ratledge (piano - # 1 organ - # 1)
Robert Wyatt (drums - # 1, vocals - # 1)
Patrice Meyer (electric guitar - # 2.5)
Pierre-Olivier Govin (saxophones - # 2.5)
Francois Verly (drums - # 2.5)
Steve Kettley (tenor saxophone - # 3)
Paul Flush (keyboards - # 3)
Mike Travis (drums - # 3, percussion - # 3)
Nigel Morris (drums - # 6)


01: Memories [Hugh Hopper's Demo With Soft Machine] (3:05)
02: What A Friend [Hugh Hopper Franglo Band] (10:50)
03: Shuffle Demons [North & South] (9:32)
04: Play Time [ Hugh Hopper interprets Alan Gowen] (6:31)
05: Debonaire [Hugh Hopper Franglo Band] (9:25)
06: MGH [Hugh Hopper & Nigel Morris] (7:07)
07: Long Piece [Hugh Hopper Computer Collage] (16:59)

Volume 6: Special Friends
SCD - £9.99

Volume Four: Four by Four by Hu
CD - £9.99

Volume 2 Franglo Band
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Monster Band
CD - £9.99

Tribal Hybrid Concept: US Review


Verdeaux, Cyrille: Tribal Hybrid Concept
Cyrille Verdeaux is the keyboardist for the French symphonic rock band Clearlight which released their first album in 1973. The band has since reformed and released Impressionist Symphony this year. Tribal Hybrid Concept is another recent offering from Verdeaux.

This one is far removed from anything deemed progressive as Verdeaux has taken various samples from animals and singing/voices from different cultures and tribes and has combined his ample use of keyboards. The samples were collected by guitarist Pascal Menetrey who sadly passed away in 2006.
The music here is quite tranquil, almost new age at times, although it is very rhythmic with an abundance of tribal sounds and electronic dance beats. Often the chants are laid over softer keys as in the first track "Terre Australe" where many samples are employed including animal noises. The pan flute is a nice accent. "Raoni's Song", with spoken words by Chief Raoni, of the Amazonian Kayapo Tribe, is more electronic with pop flavoured dance beats and a catchy vocal arrangement. "Trance Fusion" is just what is says, a mixture of trance and African rhythms. The rest of the album does not stray very much from the first few tracks.
Whether this mixture of electronic dance music, trance and ethnic rhythms will appeal to you is hard to say. For a trance/electronic album it seems well done, although I am not an expert in that particular area. Although I did find this music pretty catchy, overall the album didn't really grab me and I doubt I will pull this one out very often.

Track Listing:
1. Terre Australe (4:21)
2. Raoni's Song (3:22)
3. Shawnee Froid (4:00)
4. Trance Fusion (5:20)
5. Organic Trance (4:28)
6. Papou Pas Pris (6:12)
7. Rain Dance (5:12)
8. Aztec Tartare (4:25)
9. Zeph Here (5:08)
10. Tuva Bene (5:30)
11. Trance Pire (5:28)
12. Soufi Dance (5:25)
13. Trance Connexion (5:18)
14. Amazon Corazon (5:24)

Solar Transfusion
CD - £9.99

Clearlight Visions
CD - £9.99

Les Contes Du Singe Fou
CD - £9.99

Tribal Hybrid Concept
CD - £9.99

Forever Blowing Bubbles
CD - £9.99

Impressionist Symphony
CD - £9.99

Clearlight Symphony
CD - £9.99

Best Of Clearlight
CD - £9.99

GONZO TRACK OF THE DAY: Jagjit Singh - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna (Madhusudana - Shree Krishna Dhun)

Being Sunday I always post sacred music. The name of the deity may change, or even the deity Him/Herself but the spirit remains the same.



Friday, 30 January 2015

The Mars Tapes - French review translated


- TRACKS: 01. Out Of Our Hands, 02. Medley (foundation, Destiny, Far Away) 03.Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar And Grill, 04. What Do You Want, 05. Dancing Man,06. Where Yes Means No, 07. Off With The King's Head, 08. Something's Coming, 09.The Fall Of The Empire, 10. When The Banks Overflow, 11. Ascending To The Planet Mars, 12. Sky At Night (feat. Phil Collins ) EDUCATION: Brad Stephenson (bass), Mark Murdock (Drums), Paul Delph (keyboards), Peter Banks (Guitars), Sidonie Jordan (Vocals) TAG: 70's , Experimental , Fusion , Instrumental , Psychedelic , Guitar-Hero ,female Chant

Written by Mr.Blue on 01/12/2015 

Gonzo Multimedia likes to please the fans by digging up old tapes lost and forgotten by all. The wheel of fortune has stopped this time on ... Peter Banks! In 1979 with her ​​friend Sidonie Jordan, former guitarist for Yes, insatiable musician multiplying artistic projects based project Empire with whom he released three albums (the "Mark I, II and III"). Shared with many artists including Phil Collins himself (he holds the rhythm on this 'Sky At Night') the group yet barely interested label to distribute its music and leave for lack of (too) quickly forgotten. This double album, which includes many unreleased tracks mostly during the sessions of "Mark III" allows to finally rehabilitate this much anecdotal project. It includes course titles very close musically universeEmpire but also other more original and offset and a handful of relatives of the first instrumental Yes . 'Off With The King's Head' launches on this double album rails Jazz / Rock / Funk Fusion as an instrumentalWeather Report or Mahavishnu Orchestra could offer at the time, that blessed the explosion of musical boundaries and the wildest and unbridled experimentation between intense jam, Dance Music singing feminine and assumed complexity. And to better drive the point, is not less than 17 minutes of music between joyful bonhomie and false simplicity, which from the second range. Leaving the spotlight to guitar melodies, 'Something's Coming' feels the model full nose. The sound is sometimes rough, transitions look slightly awkward and tired but all bands do not have less charm. The second album 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow "and" What Do You Want', significantly more energetic will be classified in the same category. In a genre more concise and radio, sadly aptly named 'The Fall Of The Empire' sees Paul Delph experiment on his electric keyboard sounds the all-new space before an almost Carnival title and again a little disjointed. Still at the more oriented tracks "song", the few songs sung by the warm Sidonie Jordan have an irresistible charm. Hot rock of the 'Out Of Our Hands' trimmed swaying passages, disco 'Dancing Man' or 'Sky At Night' on which Banks out the acoustic guitar in the style of a Steve Hackett and cheek Gypsy also deserve some attention.Experimentation and inspiration are the key words to describe these bands not always completed content. Too short 'Ascending To The Planet Mars' and its spatial and epic guitar would such deserved to be developed over more than two minutes as plans are rich and exciting at the same time. If you accept the slight sound approximations and effect model of all times, you are guaranteed to have a great time with the late Peter Banks, another artist who died Gonzo seeks to rehabilitate with deep respect. The company is honest and passionate enough to be welcomed.


The Mars Tapes
2CD - £11.99

More information about http://www.peterbanks.net/

GONZO TRACK OF THE DAY: Billy Cobham - Stratus

Glass Menagerie
CD/DVD - £9.99

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit #105

1. Elvis Presley: Showime
2. Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper: Elvis is Everywhere
3. Betty Everett: Hound Dog
5. Elvis Presley: Promised Land
6 Elvis Presley: One Night
7. Elvis Presley: You Gave me a Mountain
8 Elvis Presley: I Feel so Bad
10. Eilert Pilarm: Jailhouse Rock
11. Mind Garage: Jailhouse Rock
12. Norman Gunston: Jailhouse Rock
13 Judy Nylon: Jailhouse Rock
15 John Cale and Brian Eno: Heartbreak Hotel
17 Elvis Presley: Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
18 Elvis Presley: Tomorrow is a Long Time
20 Jimmy Ellis/Orion Lonesome Angel
21 Jimmy Ellis/ Orion Washing Machine
23 Elvis Presley: Polk Salad Annie
24 Elvis Presley: Here we go Again Man
25 U2: A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel
26 Jeff Beck Group: All Shook up
28 Elvis Presley: I’m Leavin’
29 Elvis Presley: Proud Mary
30 Elvis Presley: Reconsider Baby
32 Elvis Presley Séance: Part 1
34 Elvis Presley: You’ll be Gone
35 Elvis Presley: A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix)
37 Peter Singh: Rockin’ With the Sikh
38 Wesley Willis: Elvis Presley
39 Fernn Jenkins: A Letter to Elvis
41 Elvis Presley: If I Can Dream

Strange Boat: UK book review


Strange Boat: Mike Scott & The Waterboys - Book Review Ian AbrahamsStrange Boat: Mike Scott & The Waterboys – Book Review
Ian Abrahams
I’ve never cared for the Waterboys. I find the music ropy, the lyrics worse, and the whole hippy thing that Mike Scott has going on makes me want to reach for a shotgun.

But I’m happy to read books about any musician, and as Ian Abrahams is responsible for the “Hawkwind – Sonic Assassins” book, it seemed like this should be a good one. Of course, with Mr Scott liking to cultivate an aura of mystique, he’s nowhere near this, and a lot of it seems to have been culled from assorted publications, but it’s still a good read.

There is some input from the likes of former Waterboys Anthony Thistlethwaite and Colin Blakely, but no-one currently associated with Scott seems to have raised their heads above the parapet. To be fair, though, even these ex-associates speak highly of him. It’s not top of my list of books to re-read, and I have no urge to further investigate his music, but it filled an otherwise dull Monday afternoon quite comfortably.
Mike Scott and The Waterboys - Strange Boat
Book - £9.99


Rob Ayling writes: 

"Thom the World poet is an old mate of mine from way back in my history. Even pre-dating Voiceprint, when I was running "Otter Songs" and Tom's poetry tapes and guest appearances with Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth Mother Gong are well known and highly regarded. It just felt right to include a daily poem from Thom on our Gonzo blog and when I approached him to do so, he replied with in seconds!!! Thom is a great talent and just wants to spread poetry, light and positive energy across the globe. If we at Gonzo can help him do that - why not? why not indeed!!" (The wondrous poetpic is by Jack McCabe, who I hope forgives me for scribbling all over it with Photoshop)

now an epidemic of dietary woes
Indigenous ,Spanish,poor-for whom sugar is food
When young,we were rewarded with sweets
We did not know then.We know now(too late
Spun sugar "fairy floss"i sold at Exhibition
Later diagnosed Type 2-sedentary,overweight
still chocolate addicted and still learning
10 teaspoons of sugar in one can o Coke
Corn syrup in most canned foods.
Trendies buy "Mexican coke"with REAL sugar
Slim ,thin,gym folk.Irish balloon Thom.
Floating in sweet fantasies.High above love.
One day,balloon boy will return/to learn
We are not only what we eat
We are also what we retain after digestion

NO NO needles!Can that candy!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tribal Hybrid Concept: Polish review translated

Verdeaux, Cyrille & MENETREY, Pascal - Tribal Hybrid Concept 
Author: Robert "Morphine" Wegrzyn 


Pascal MENETREY died prematurely in 2006, and the album "Tribal Hybrid Concept" is dedicated to his memory. Pascal in the years 1992 - 1999 record Papuan voices, Inuit, Ethiopian, Kurdish and many other exotic singers, as well as the voices of wild animals in danger of extinction. In contrast, known for his popular in the 70s ofClearlight , Cyrille Verdeaux (recently wrote in our magazine for its fully electronic solo project entitled "The Impressionists Symphony" ), adorned it all sounds of music.

What an album! Fourteen native ethnic composition directly from Amazon, integrated into the dance, disco and film climates. The whole creates inimitable style. This is something that has actually been recorded and implemented among indigenous tribes, and then combined with the synthetic sounds of rhythmic loops and samples.

Climate associate it sounds like the azteckimi situated within, a large modern city. In a sense it in a modern way to show that beauty is hidden in that culture, on the other hand, it's a bit like a "theft" of culture and pack it in synthetic and latex. Fortunately, this is not the climate of the album was gently balanced to maintain a specific style. This is the actual hybrid of two worlds, two species of civilization, often sounding great together. It's a very interesting idea for such a connection. The experiment was a success. I went tribute, which, thanks to the album "Tribal Hybrid Concept" will make unforgettable work of Pascal, and will pay attention to the problems faced by the exotic tribes fighting for it to survive away from Western civilization. As usual it came out good.


Solar Transfusion
CD - £9.99

Clearlight Visions
CD - £9.99

Les Contes Du Singe Fou
CD - £9.99

Tribal Hybrid Concept
CD - £9.99

Forever Blowing Bubbles
CD - £9.99

Impressionist Symphony
CD - £9.99

Clearlight Symphony
CD - £9.99

Best Of Clearlight
CD - £9.99

Rick Wakeman - Story of Morning has Broken

Gole/Almost Live in Europe
2CD - £9.99

Fields of Green/Always With You
2CD - £9.99

1984/Out There
2CD - £9.99

Night Music
CD/DVD - £9.99

Live At The Empire Pool - King Arthur On Ice
DVD/CD - £9.99

1984 - Live At The Hammersmith Odeon 1981
DVD/CD - £9.99

Live in Lincoln Cathedral
2CD - £7.99

Live At The Maltings 1976
DVD/CD - £9.99

Video Vaults
6DVD box - £85.00

Cirque Surreal 
CD - £7.99

CD - £9.99

The Mixture
CD - £7.99


Rob Ayling writes: 

"Thom the World poet is an old mate of mine from way back in my history. Even pre-dating Voiceprint, when I was running "Otter Songs" and Tom's poetry tapes and guest appearances with Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth Mother Gong are well known and highly regarded. It just felt right to include a daily poem from Thom on our Gonzo blog and when I approached him to do so, he replied with in seconds!!! Thom is a great talent and just wants to spread poetry, light and positive energy across the globe. If we at Gonzo can help him do that - why not? why not indeed!!" (The wondrous poetpic is by Jack McCabe, who I hope forgives me for scribbling all over it with Photoshop)

if life were rational and clear/concise
enough to apply theories that work from year to year?
Conflict Theory perhaps?Black Swan Theory ?-yes!
Heisenberg,Heidegger,Heraclitus patchwork blanket bingo!
Stitch cliches in a calendar,add childhood Disney
and a dose of Magical Realism!Aha!~Graphic Novelizations!
Most of my friends are making Memoirs
We watch movies.find them irrelevant to our living lives.
Yet the depiction of imaginary scenarios forestall disasters
Astrologers star simplicities reassure humbly mumbling
Projected data makes a future we may live within
Nothing can assure us the Weather Forecast will be true
Same as fidelity,honesty,authenticity -all may change tomorrow

but who are we to sing our future in?SING anyway!

Steve Hackett, York Barbican, October 14

Steve Hackett
Steve Hackett
First published  in Music news and reviews
STEVE Hackett will follow up last October's sold-out Genesis Revisited Extended concert at York Barbican with a return visit on October 14 on a tour whose title is a right old mouthful.
The former Genesis guitarist will present Acolyte To Wolflight with Genesis Revisited, The Total Experience, a show that will span Hackett's solo history to mark the 40th anniversary of his first album, Voyage Of The Acolyte, and the release of his new rock record, Wolflight. Genesis songs will feature on the set list too.
"I'm hugely excited about the new album and incorporating it into this year's tour, which will involve both classic and contemporary with several surprises," says the ever-pioneering Hackett. "The album's wild pack of tracks – starting with a wolf cry – will be unleashed on the unsuspecting on 30th March 2015.”
From that plaintive wolf cry to Hackett sitting with real wolves on the album sleeve, the album will explore dark caverns, ancient ruins and tropical lagoons as "a springboard to an exotic and exciting adventure", where the new new songs form a "primordial dream of love, struggle and liberation".
Wolflight is Hackett’s first original solo studio album since Beyond The Shrouded Horizon in 2011. Primal and orchestral, it retains the Hackett trademark of electric guitar with a regular sprinkling of acoustic as the ten tracks take a journey through space and time to look at the different faces of the endless fight for freedom.
Read on...

Spectral Mornings
DVD - £5.99

GONZO TRACK OF THE DAY: Patto live French TV Pop Deux 1971

Music To Loon By
CD - £9.99

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hugh Hopper: US review



CD Review: Gonzo Multimedia Remembers Hugh Hopper With New 10-CD Set

Former Soft Machine bassist Hugh Hopper is the subject of a ten-disc release from U.K. label Gonzo Multimedia. The discs are being released individually and are categorized by subject. The first disc is aptly titled at "Memories" and features seven of Hopper's unreleased demos and outtakes that have never been released before on CD. It was released on September 16th with Volumes two and three following two weeks later.
Hopper himself introduces the tracks, beginning with the Soft Machine demo "Memories," which places you in the studio with the band, back in 1969. This opening of the "vault" is a wonderful display of Hopper's talents as he showcases his unique bass style in eleven-minute running of "Was A Friend," performed by the Hugh Hopper's Franglo Band. He discusses his use of the fuzz box before allowing us to dive into the Frank Zappa-like "Shuffle Demos." One of the more recent recordings on the set is nine-minute jazz-fusion of "Debonaire." Volume one closes with a seventeen minute sound collage known as "Long Piece" as Hopper is at his most experimental.
The second volume of the set is entitled "Frangloband" and features Hopper performing live with his jazz band at the Triton Club in Paris in 2004. The seven song, seventy-minute set features all originals, except for a cover of John Coltrane's "Mr Syms." The set begins with Hopper using his fuzz boxed bass to the full effect on the progressive jazz fused "Facelift." The band heads into a more traditional jazz direction on the thirteen minute jam of "Lonely Sky and The Sea," before Hopper takes control with his outstanding solo on "Sliding Dogs." The night ends with a pair of ten minute pieces, first the dark, aggressive feel of "Wanglo Salon" and the more mellow "Miniluv" that harks back to the Soft Machine days. To find out more about these new releases to the Hugh Hopper catalog, please visit gonzomultimedia.com.

currently available at gonzo:

Volume 6: Special Friends
SCD - £9.99

Volume Four: Four by Four by Hu
CD - £9.99

Volume 2 Franglo Band
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Monster Band
CD - £9.99


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