Friday, 30 January 2015

Strange Boat: UK book review

Strange Boat: Mike Scott & The Waterboys - Book Review Ian AbrahamsStrange Boat: Mike Scott & The Waterboys – Book Review
Ian Abrahams
I’ve never cared for the Waterboys. I find the music ropy, the lyrics worse, and the whole hippy thing that Mike Scott has going on makes me want to reach for a shotgun.

But I’m happy to read books about any musician, and as Ian Abrahams is responsible for the “Hawkwind – Sonic Assassins” book, it seemed like this should be a good one. Of course, with Mr Scott liking to cultivate an aura of mystique, he’s nowhere near this, and a lot of it seems to have been culled from assorted publications, but it’s still a good read.

There is some input from the likes of former Waterboys Anthony Thistlethwaite and Colin Blakely, but no-one currently associated with Scott seems to have raised their heads above the parapet. To be fair, though, even these ex-associates speak highly of him. It’s not top of my list of books to re-read, and I have no urge to further investigate his music, but it filled an otherwise dull Monday afternoon quite comfortably.
Mike Scott and The Waterboys - Strange Boat
Book - £9.99

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