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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Joey Molland: Portugal review translated

Review: Demos Old And New (Joey Molland)

Demos Old And New (Joey Molland) 
(2014, Gonzo Multimedia)

After the extraordinary reception that had the album Return To Memphis from Joey Molland , legendary member ofBadfinger , the British publisher Gonzo Multimedia found interesting sites to market two rare titles by the same author: one is a reissue of the album This Way Up from 2001 (we'll talk more in detail it soon); the other, what concerns us now is Demos Old And New . As the name implies, this disc is composed of a series of releases demo of themes ranging from 1972 ( Miss Misunderstood ) until 1995 ( Is not That A Dream andMirrors ) run for five line-ups different, with more than half just by Molland on guitar (acoustic many times) and voice. Interestingly, three of these themes, Is not That A Dream and Mirrors (1995) and still Moonlight (1981) appear in another disk now reissued, This Way Up . The first half of the album with a full band (or several, in this case) has very interesting topics versions of real rock n roll . Of particular note the use of harmonica, courtesy of Joe Savage , the themes of 1984, Borderline and Can't Stop or presence of the duo Eric Bretl / Gregg Eiden , in 1992, to excellent I Said It's Alright and Birdsong . To the end, the demos are homemade with only Molland and, of course, there are some good ideas, it is natural that the final result is not as exciting as having a real band and complete the run. Still, for those who followed the careers ofJoey Molland or even of Badfinger , this is a collector's piece with some interest. 

1. Said It’s Alright 
2. Borderline 
3. Birdsong 
4. Cadillac Blues 
5. Can’t Stop 
6. Clouds Of Love 
7. Isn’t That A Dream 
8. It’s True 
9. Mirrors 
10. Miss Misunderstood 
11. Moonlight 
12. Panning Gold 
13. Sometimes 
14. Walkin’ The Floor 
15. What You’re Doin’ 
16. When 
17. Miss Misunderstood 

Joey Molland - vocals and guitars
Eric Brett, Brad Schulz, Bob Millea, Bobby Dean Wickland - bateria
Gregg Eidem, Al Wadtke, Tom Lecher, Larry Lee – baixo
Randy Anderson – guitarras
Joe Savage - Harmonica 
Harry Pulver - keyboards
Joe Tansin - guitars and vocals



After The Pearl
CD - £9.99

The Pilgrim
CD - £9.99

Demos Old And New
CD - £9.99

Return To Memphis
SCD - £9.99

This Way Up
CD - £9.99

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