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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hugh Hopper: German review (translated)

Hugh Hopper / Memories

Playing time: 63:29
Format: CD
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2014
Style: Fusion, Prog Rock
Review on 17/10/2014 Joachim 'Joe' Brookes

Honor to whom honor is due. The died in 2009, Hugh Hopper (including Soft Machine / Soft Machine Legacy ) was from the late sixties until 1973 the bass player for the Canterbury band Soft Machine to illuminate and these creative musicians with only one album, it would not be fair. There are a total of ten items, which have been brought onto the market separately. This album "Memories" is first. Volume 2 is "Frangloband". Then follow plates with the titles "North & South", "Four By Hugh By Four", "Heart To Heart", "Special Friends", "Soft Boundaries", "Bass On Top", "Anatomy Of Facelift" and "What A Friend ".
From the information sheet from Gonzo Multimedia stating that "[...] the ten part series is to compliment a heretofore large body of work (over sixty titles) by presenting previously unreleased concerts and studio recordings, with a focus on Hugh's Compositions as Performed by groups under his leadership. [...] " were compiled the tracks from Michael King , a Canadian student of English bassist.
Born on 29.04.1945 started Hugh Hopper's musical career already with delicate eighteen years in the Daevid Allen Trio , already with drummer Robert Wyatt in the line-up. In 1964, the Tieftonzupfer along with his brother Brian formation The Wilde Flowers . Again drummed Robert Wyatt . Other members were Kevin Ayers , who is also in Soft Machine was active and Hugh Hopper was replaced, and Richard Sinclair . The latter was then in also belonging to the Canterbury Scene groupCaravan active.
Soft Machine was with her ​​avant-garde experimental music of his time to the leading formations and after Hugh Hopper 1973, the successful combo of turned his back, he worked together with Carla Bley , Gary Boyle's Isotope , Gilgamesh by Alan Bowen or Stomu Yamashita group Eastwind . In theFranglo-Dutch band played Hugh Hopper together with Dutch musicians and as the French guitaristPatrice Meyer came to be called Franglo band .
Even "Memories" is an impressive showcase of the bassist. It highlights various stages of his career.Here one encounters not only on Soft Machine . So the protagonist interprets the music of Alan Gowen . Beautiful here in its context on the band National Health to refer. Gilgamesh was another station of Alan Gowen . Hugh Hopper's group Franglo tape comes in two pieces also have their say and the last song of the album "Long Piece" is a sound experience of a special kind . Though billed as 'Hugh Hopper Computer collage', it is well to handmade music, as are the Line-up »Friends = + Many Many Surprises" announced. Are available for all songs brief introductory information of Hugh Hopper and the song just mentioned he can not remember all the participants. Anyway, "Long Piece" is a session with many facets and it lights not only in the spectral colors. There are infinitely many nuances in this fusion groove. Hammer, as Hugh Hopper has merged this song about creative arrangements. There is a barely-ending galaxy of loops, saxophone antics, singing, improvisation and musical bulky parts, which should delight die-hard fans of jazz in most free forms. "Memories" is a cosmos of floating dreams (even with a Far Eastern Gusto), intense sounds and phases of the exalted Expressionism.

The booklet has been compiled carefully. The images reflect the past, and the presence of the bassist. There is an accompanying text by Michael King , a statement of Brian Hopper and a abgedrucktes interview Davey Cross led. From station to station ... on "Memories" are Hopper Hughactivities from 1969 to 2004 documented. This plate is already a must for music lovers."Frangloband" offers live concert from 2003, recorded at Le Triton, Paris.
Hugh Hopper (bass - # 1-3, fuzz bass - # 6, acoustic guitar - # 1 computer programming - # 4)
Mike Ratledge (piano - # 1 organ - # 1)
Robert Wyatt (drums - # 1, vocals - # 1)
Patrice Meyer (electric guitar - # 2.5)
Pierre-Olivier Govin (saxophones - # 2.5)
Francois Verly (drums - # 2.5)
Steve Kettley (tenor saxophone - # 3)
Paul Flush (keyboards - # 3)
Mike Travis (drums - # 3, percussion - # 3)
Nigel Morris (drums - # 6)


01: Memories [Hugh Hopper's Demo With Soft Machine] (3:05)
02: What A Friend [Hugh Hopper Franglo Band] (10:50)
03: Shuffle Demons [North & South] (9:32)
04: Play Time [ Hugh Hopper interprets Alan Gowen] (6:31)
05: Debonaire [Hugh Hopper Franglo Band] (9:25)
06: MGH [Hugh Hopper & Nigel Morris] (7:07)
07: Long Piece [Hugh Hopper Computer Collage] (16:59)

Volume 6: Special Friends
SCD - £9.99

Volume Four: Four by Four by Hu
CD - £9.99

Volume 2 Franglo Band
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Monster Band
CD - £9.99

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