Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The story continues for Fairport Convention

There are few bands to compete with Fairport Convention when it comes to holding steadfast and true to their roots. And fewer still who could compete on the longevity scale. Now the talented quintet are hitting the oh-so-familiar road again, spreading their legendary folk rock joy a little further to a remarkably ever-growing audience on their winter tour.

Hailed as the originators of British folk-rock music, the folk veterans are playing at Tewkesbury’s Roses Theatre on Thursday. Amongst other accolades, the band hold a coveted BBC Lifetime Achievement Award and their groundbreaking album Liege & Lief was voted the ‘Most Influential Folk Album of All-time’ by Radio 2 listeners. Fairport Convention are credited with creating the British genre of electric folk music, a genre borne of the American folk rock movement after Bob Dylan’s shock switch from acoustic to electric guitar in the Sixties.

With a repertoire spanning nearly half a century, it would be easy for a band with such an impressive back catalogue to simply trade off past glory and stick to the hits of the past. But the band don’t seem capable of standing still; the concert will feature song and tunes from their new studio album Myths and Heroes, alongside a selection of classics.

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