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Hugh Hopper: CD 2 Belgium review translated


HOPPER, Hugh - Frangloband
/ Published on 05-10-2014 /
The second volume of the great fresco with Hugh Hopper by Gonzo Multimedia label leads us in the footsteps of Frangloband . This group has obviously a long history and the Paris concert in 2003 exposed here shows the whole evolution of this group used a medium of expression Hugh Hopper. Things back to 1985, when Hugh Hopper out of a sabbatical and starts to rotate in the company of a group. This training is quite erratic in its composition and in its name. There are at first Dutch musicians in training six calledHopper Goes Dutch . When the French guitaristPatrice Meyer joined the group in 1989, Hopper renames all FrangloDutch Band .Live recordings with this combo lead to albums "Meccano pelorus" (1991) and"Hooligan romantics" (1994), some other extracts being associated with studio sessions on the album "Carousel" (1995). At the end of the year 90 the FrangloDutch Band lived and Hopper rotates with its last original member, saxophonist Frank van der Kooij . He returned some time later Meyer and creates a project 100% Frenchie, called therefore the FrangloBand. With confirmed jazzmen as Pierre-Olivier Govinand François Verly , will accompany the FrangloBand Hopper 1999-2005. With only six concerts in Paris and commuters in six years, one can not say not to say that the FrangloBand displays a record worthy of concert Ramones and Motörhead. But the live performances of Hopper and his French compensated by the scarcity of exceptional quality. We find here an example with this concert at Triton, small club of Common Lilac, east of Paris. We March 13, 2003 and the band delivers a concert based occasions Soft Machine ( "Facelift" ), John Coltrane ( "Mr. Syms" ) or 'd Isotope , Gary Boyle group where Hopper had happened ( " Sliding dogs " ). There are also excerpts from solo albums Hugh Hopper ( "Miniluv" and "Lonely sea and the sky" ).These securities are paving the way to long improvisations on saxophone, with the support of an elastic rhythm section served by the textures bass Hugh Hopper, flexible and powerful. From time to time, Hugh Hopper is for the public to announce the songs, revealing a perfect command of French. long beaches that run this disc are exciting, burying the listener into a progressive jazz technically perfect. It is not surprising that the Frangloband was considered by Hugh Hopper as his favorite live band.


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