Thursday, 8 July 2021


 Steve Vai Recalls How Frank ZappaTold Him His Guitar Tone Sucked, Shares Opinion on Yngwie ...

During an appearance on Sweetwater, Steve Vai looked back on his time in Frank Zappa's band, remembering how the late musician wasn't thrilled with ..
30 Years Ago today – Frank ZappaReleases 'Beat The Boots!' Bootleg Recordings LP
Even two years before his death, Frank Zappa was ahead of the musical curve. 30 years ago today (7/7/91), Zappa released Beat the Boots is a ...
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The eagle-eyed amongst you will have also noticed that the Gonzo Multimedia websites have changed and are in a process of flux, so there are no individual sales links at the moment. But check out for a thing of wonder.
There is a hunky-dory, all singing, all dancing, Gonzo Publications website is now pretty well done, although there are still nine authors who need personal pages. You can find it at and then tell me what a clever fellow I am. It even has a haiku to explain why some links are not finished:
"These links do not work, now but they will do so soon, we apologise"


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