Monday, 28 February 2011

ABWH Live In Birmingham

Well having put the Expanded Edition of the debut Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe album to bed I can now turn my attention to the forthcoming Live album. Recorded in Birmingham during the one and only UK tour fom ABWH the live album is a fantastic show and different from the other live ABWH album An Evening Of Yes Music Plus.

The main difference being that Tony Levin is back in the line up following his hospitalisation and the removal of his appendix. Happily by the time the band made it to the UK he was back in tandem with Bill Bruford as an ace rhythm section powring the band through the material from the ABWH debut and also Yes Classics.

For those who are wondering there will also be a visual element to this release and I can also tell you that this footage has never been seen before anywhere so you can discount the ABWH rehearsal footage from just before the tour that has appeared on bootleg DVDs and Youtube.

This footage will form part of a limited edition and once the standard edition of the album is released the video will be gone so you are advised to keep a heads up on this one as I would hate you to miss this as the footage is fascinating!

For those of you interested in hearing a preview of the album you will find three live tracks from this release as bonus tracks on the aforemntioned self titled ABWH Expanded Edition

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