Hi Geoff, hello from Brazil! What do you know or like about Brazilian music? We love Yes in Brazil!!
I have to own up that I am not familiar with much Brazilian music. What I do know is, that from what I’ve heard in my limited capacity, it appears to be very rhythm-based, and hence can lend itself to some complex syncopation using many different types of percussion instruments, as well as also being innovative in many types of dance rhythms. The music of Jobim is of course well renowned and respected all over the world. But I look forward to exploring much more of your music on my current trip to South America.
Harry Whitley
Hi Geoff, as a child, what made you want to pursue a career in music? Was there a “light bulb moment”?
All members of my family were very musical, so I was exposed to music from an early age. My mother was an accomplished pianist and my father a church organist, so I’d often hear him practicing his parts at home (on piano) in preparation for the Sunday services. It was therefore as if music was part of my DNA. So there was no what you might refer to as a ‘light bulb’ moment – more like the dimmer switchers being gradually turned up as I became more and more aware. But, it was there right from the beginning

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