Tuesday, 21 May 2013

MARTIN STEPHENSON: video session (The Mouth magazine)

IN SPRING 1990 MARTIN STEPHENSON AND THE DAINTEES RELEASED THIRD ALBUM SALUTATION ROAD. THE MOUTH MAGAZINE HAS POSTED A PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED INTERVIEW WITH STEPHENSON FROM MAY OF THAT YEAR, HERE.To complement the discovery of the interview in our archives, Stephenson and occasional collaborator Jim Hornsby recently recorded an exclusive video session for The Mouth Magazine, featuring performances of songs from SALUTATION ROAD.
The duo were in fine form during the afternoon of recording, in York. Relaying how they’d just been for a stroll round the city centre and posed for a caricature artist, Stephenson’s boyish grin lit up as he showed the sketch and explained “I think the fella who drew this was a wee bit sweet on me… He’s made me look real cute on here, see? So I had to tell him me and Jim are, yes, just married”… Hornsby decided to keep his flat cap on throughout filming “to reinforce the Northern stereotype”, though Stephenson elected to change his own for his more familiar trilby: “We don’t want people thinking we’ve going for a big Pet Shop Boys visual concept… Anyway, our vibe’s more like the Betting Shop Boys, eh?”

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