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Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Al Atkins is a man we know as the original of Judas Priest. He did release some solo albums already and also a collaboration in the Atkins May Project passed by us. Now he releases the album “Reloaded”.
“Reloaded” is an album that contains a collection of songs that have been written by Al in the past 40 years. Funding its release he started a crowdfunding campaign and now we have this release in our hands. Also some guest appearances are to be found and you may see some familiar names there. The songs on the album may be made during a long period of time, but what comes to notice is that all suit together perfectly. Some cosy sound, passionately brought by someone who has this music at heart, you can hear that. Excellent guitar skills are often on the base of the songs, having the melodic side grow on you from the very beginning until the end and since the lyrics are not too hard to catch you will easily feel accustomed to this release. Al Atkins’ music ages well. It is all from 40 years upon now but brought with the flair of 2016.
Four decades summarized into this album, a well thought release which includes a whole lot of highlights that you could say the whole album forms a highlight. There is simply not much against it, good and steady songs that most fans will like.
01. Winter
02. Mind Conception
03. A Void To Avoid
04. Coming Thick & Fast
05. Heavy Thoughts
06. Never Satisfied
07. Money Talks
08. Cradle To The Grave
09. Love At War
10. Victim Of Changes
11. Mind Conception (early JUDAS PRIEST demo extract) (bonus track)

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