Sunday, 5 May 2013

REVIEW: John Shuttleworth, Connaught Theatre, Worthing, April 27

John ShuttleworthJohn Shuttleworth
When John Shuttleworth, versatile singer/organist from Sheffield, walked on and announced he was struggling to finish a Soother’s throat lozenge, I knew everything was all right with the world.
Graham Fellows has been touring his comedy character for 30 years and, despite a poorly throat, he gave his Worthing fans what they have come to expect – songs played badly on his PSS Yamaha keyboard and stories about Ken Worthington, his next door neighbour and sole agent.
Mary, John’s wife, has banned him and his organ to the shed. So John is on a 40-date tour – the Out Of Our Sheds tour – asking the nation, “What’s better, the village, the town or the shed?”
Southern Softies
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Shuttleworths Series 1
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Open Mind
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Radio Shuttleworth 1
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Blue John
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The Shuttleworths 3
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The Dolby Years
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Shuttleworths 2
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4 Rather Tasty Tracks 
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It's Nice Up North 
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500 Bus Stops 
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The Shuttleworths 4
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The Yamaha Years
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Radio Shuttleworth 2 
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The Shuttleworths Specials
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