Wednesday, 11 May 2016


After Gonzo Multimedia 2013 " Live at The Roxy LA has published" a first live album with recordings from 1979 of Brand X, makes the label for some time more historic concert recordings of British jazz rockers follow, as part of the "Official Bootleg Series Vol X ", which implies that the sound quality is not necessarily meets the highest standards. But, true to the motto "am the bootleg / support the artist", is at least part of the official rights be respected recordings.

Compared to the previously appeared in the series of fire-X-Live discs has "Live From Stockholm" a very decent sound (apart from a fairly loud noise, at least at the beginning of the CD) and offers quite original live material it up date as of the band did not exist to hear. On the recorded through a locality called Kårhuset in March 1978 on the album is the " Masques ' duty of Brand X to hear Phil Collins and Robin Lumley therefore missing, but was with Peter Robinson (once in Quatermass ) and Chuck Burgi quite equivalent replacement found , Furthermore, was at that tour apparently John Goodsall prevents for the American fusion guitarist Mike Miller has stepped in. Nevertheless, here is heard a very playful and dynamic band.

Three numbers from the already mentioned third studio album by the band is heard, which were extended by abundant diverse Jamabschnitte, improvisations, newly composed bodies and solos.Apparently one has then only these three numbers given for the best (or the beginning is missing), the "Deadly Nightshade" is announced as the final number of the show. Bold driven by the rhythm section, which as usual extremely virtuosic and powerful prancing, sonorously droning and worn singing bass Jones and the doubly occupied, sometimes impressively dense and bustling working percussion the quintet works through the three pieces that it is a real pleasure. A few worn-elegiac moments provide breathers; otherwise, punchy, complex and compelling gejazzrockt.

"Live From Stockholm" is thus quite useful concert recording of Brand X from 1978, with the fans and Jazzprogadepten her perhaps of " Livestock ", " Timeline " and the aforementioned "Live at The Roxy LA" existing fire-X can complement -Livesammlung.

Live in Rochester 1977
CD - £9.99

Live in Stockholm 1978
CD - £9.99

Live From Chicago 1978
CD - £9.99

Ronnie Scotts Live 1976
CD - £9.99

Live in San Francisco
CD - £9.99

The X Files - A 20 Year Retrospective
2CD - £10.99

Is There Anything About?
CD - £9.99

Live at the Roxy, LA 1979
CD - £9.99

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