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Title - 'The Best Of Raz'
Artist - The Raz Band
For those not completely in the know, The Raz Band - Michael Raz, Jeff Hutchinson, Joey Molland, Joe Vitale, and Jim Manzo - has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years! In truth, whether you have heard of them or not, they have recorded with some of rock and roll's royalty, along with a fair few unknowns, of course! That all said, The RAZ Band were created a long time ago by leader and founder Michael Rax, and as they were back then, the quintet are, once again here to rock!
Their last album, Madison Park (2015), was The Raz Band's return to form, a brand new, and wonderful collection of music brought together over a few years, and via a few studio's around the Los Angeles area. Following on from the success of that album The Best of Raz is a career spanning new album that takes us through Raz's incredible thirty-two year musical journey.
Featuring songs that harken back to the very beginning with cuts off Raz's critically acclaimed 1984 debut record, Criminals Off The Streets, on through to the aforementioned Madison Park, if you are a fan of The Raz Band, or great, honest, real music in general, this is the album for you.
1. 'The Boy'
2. 'Say Ya Love Me'
3. 'Time Marches On'
4. 'Back in the Shadows'
5. 'Merlyn'
6. 'Down at the Gulf'
7. 'Simon Said'
8. 'The Tattoo Song'
9. 'Tough Love'
10. 'Buck-it'
11. 'Naked on the Floor'
12. 'Sitting on my Bed'
13. 'I Said To My Self: Self'
14. 'Cars and Girls'
15. '$1.50 For Your Love'
16. 'What Love Can Do'
17. 'Searching Forever'
18. 'The Times Together'
19. 'The Boy'
This 19 song CD ​​also ​​includes songs from the albums, The Best of L.A 1987, the RAZ album, 1988, Raz's cassette EP Listen (​produced by Joey Molland)​, ​the ​Tough Love album (produced by​ Joe Vitale), ​the “It's All About Me album (produced by Michael Raz​, ​Jeff Hutchinson, Joe Vitale​ and ​Joey Molland), plus 2 bonus tracks. Recorded live in 1984 at the legendary Los Angeles nightclub, Madame Wong's West​, they are both still rather quite brilliant, for sure.
Having toiled away in the rock and roll vineyard for longer than you might think, the release of The Best of Raz is a collection of 19 tracks that all ooze complete and utter love for their chosen profession. Lead singer Michael Raz described the previous album, Madison Park as"the coolest place to ever grow up," and if that's so, then this collection of their best songs is the coolest soundtrack to your summer, trust me.
Guest performers include Joey Molland (Badfinger), Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh/Crosby, Stills & Nash/The Eagles) Stu Cook, (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Carla Olson and Marc Droubay (Survivor).


The Best of RAZ
CD - £9.99

Madison Park
CD - £9.99

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