Sunday, 26 September 2021

29-08-2021 – SHOW 425 – Laura Nyro vs Jane and Barton

Jane and Barton:Late at Night

Annette Olzon:Parasite
Eboni Band:I Love All
Laura Nyro and Labelle
Lambchop:Golden Lady
Ada Lea: Hurt
Jeb Loy Nichols: Like a Rainy Day
Vangelis: Rachel’s Song
Gasper Claus: Une Foule
Lionmilk Quartet: Take a Breath
Tears for Fears: Los Reyes Catalicos
Laura Nyro: Map to the Treasure
Jane and Barton: Sexy Guy, Sexy Girl
Still Dreams: One More Kiss
Mike Samms Singers: Hills of the North
Dr Joy: Signed-…the Body Electric
Marcey Yates & XOBOI
(feat. Conny Franko): Fruit Snx
The Surprise Package New Way Home/100 Vision/Break Away/Supporting Cast/Social Disease/Free Up
Jokehold:Taking a Comfortable Dump in your Mum’s Urn
comfortably releasing the dump/methodically placing the lid back on the urn/
unnoticeably returning the urn to it's mantle/hastily fleeing the scene)
Laura Nyro: December’s Boudoir
Joana Serrat: Take me Back Where I Belong
Jane and Barton: Moon
Amaro Freitas: Sankofa

David Crosby: I’d Swear There was Somebody Here 

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