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Born from the mind of Belgian Vincent Defresne the Green Violinist debut with Never Ending More Thrill & Blessings , a disc of strong feelings built on fragile and poetic acoustic guitars. At a time when the band has recorded their second album imposed hear the brilliant minds responsible for this organic project. In an excellent interview Defresne Vincent himself speaks of his troubles, the birth of the Green Violinist and many other things.
Vincent Viva! Thank you for accepting answer Via Nocturna. First, you can introduce this your new project, Green Violinist?
Hello! First of all thanks for your interest in Green Violinist. The seed of the project was sown 10 years ago, when I began to imagine a way to make my own music without having to deal with other musicians or other minds. Many times I felt frustrated with the difficulties to communicate, explain and convince others in a conventional band. I'm obsessed with music, I think of songs and melodies for so long, it could not have ended differently. I needed to make this album and now I had this chance to launch and will not stop. There are still great things to come ...
And when you felt the need to create this project?
As I said, I was frustrated, tired and sad with the music, friendship and lack of commitment of the musicians I knew and with whom he used to deal. I can not stop thinking about music and my former band started to move away from both musical and philosophically. I wanted to feel totally free to express my feelings in a genuine way and to let out freeform music that was storing in my mind and needed to be purged. I felt sick inside and this was my cure ... and the only way for me to do this and was doing it alone!
Still accounts with two former members of Sioban, right? And the other members? It was easy to find them?
Like I said, I wanted to do something totally alone. I wanted to feel alone in all decisions and in all musical direction and I did, but I was always in contact with Rex P (bassist Sioban). He helped me a lot to create my own recording studio (Jedinakow Studios) and then realized that the bass had not been recorded. I began to realize that one man is a beautiful idea, but clearly has its own limits. So we decided to finish the job together ... and it was a great relief to me. Needed him more than I could imagine. Without it there would have been Green Violinist.Currently there are no longer any members of Sioban. The other musicians were all gifts from heaven ... Emilie Laclais came at the right time to create beautifulbacking vocals and I think I found my twin brother vocal ... Our voices merge altogether. Gabriel Peeters is another very important part of this project. Really love their drum parts. I try to focus on them. I mean especially in From Worry Be Sad orVelvet Road . I never tire of them. Then there are my two old pals Mathieu Vandermolen Raph Bresler and they did a great job on electric guitars. They made ​​me realize that this is the way I like to work: a great team, musical mercenary and a clear direction!
What are the main influences of Green Violinist?
I can give you some names - artists and albums that have changed tremendously my way to see music: Paul Simon (Concert in the Park + songs Capeman), Meat Loaf ( Bat out of Hell II ), Godspeed You! Black Emperor ( Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas ) , Roger Waters ( Amused To Death ), Porcupine Tree ( In Absentia ), Marillion ( Clutching At Straws + Marbles ), Alphaville ( Prostitute + Stark Naked &Absolutely Live ), Nick Drake (all three albums ) Shadow Gallery ( Tyranny ), the soundtrack of Conan the Barbarian (by Basil Poledouris.) If I want to know ... know these albums!
The band's name has any relation to the famous painting by Marc Chagall?
Yes, of course! I went to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao with my best friend during one of the best periods of my life. We feel free and irresponsible. In fact, do not even enter the museum ... or care about this but ... my eyes were attracted and trapped in a beautiful display in the museum shop! That was it! The Green Violinist! I bought this screen and then the rest is history. And to me the beautiful Chagall painting will always be linked with 13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed , the most powerful music I've ever heard on the first album Silver Mount Zion. Try it!
Regarding this work there some significance to a title like More Thrill And Never Ending Blessings ?
Of course there is! There is nothing I do not sense ... no coincidences even less when it comes to the main title of an album. It is a kind of call. I think the best way to convince yourself that you are on the right track is a joy! If you feel joy in you, express it as you live, so you can feel the thrill of life ... is probably the best feeling. The sensation of feeling ALIVE! In this sense, the album is a wake-up call, a call for more excitement in our lives. You and I are sick and tired of our desires and this world is dying just because you can not feel the excitement in our lives. People become increasingly dark, worried about debts, doubts and shit boring and above all with a sad life. This should not be so, there is another way ... are those paths that pass through a life more exciting and that lead to gratitude and Never Ending Blessings means to me gratitude. It's my special way of saying "thank you" to life.
As held the recording process?
Ah, it was too long. I am a human being too slow, but I can not do it otherwise. I need time, step by step, re-hear the work that is done again and again. Let intuition take me over and let me go. I highly doubt it, but I feel when a song can be considered finished ... my main problem is the peace of mind ... I can not do anything good without a real peace of mind. What in my case, sadly, is rare ...
I think this is a very emotional album. Do you feel the same? Was your intention?
I do not know. It really was not intentional, but wanted to convey something. Just want to be honest with myself. There are so many albums that cured me and is so important when you feel suddenly so close to a man who does not know, but it tells you exactly what you have always known but have forgotten ... That's why I love music and that's why I always wanted to make music I think. To feel close to someone, only for a time, to feel that you are not alone, know that you're not the only one who feels inadequate.
If I am correct, by this time you're done recording your second album. There are already release date? What can we expect from this new step Green Violinist?
To be honest, I do not remember how things collided, but it's true, we are finished recording a second album. For now, there is no release date, but I can say it will be a very exciting experience. No matter how the album will be received, but the approach remains the same. In fact, the limitations appear to have been expelled and the whole work seems more aware. I mean, there is a real desire to convey a message ... a universal message.
Now you are definitely out of Sioban? Any chance you come back?
Do you remember the Sioban? If the answer is yes, it makes me very happy. There was a lot of hope in this band ... the elements were my brothers, we lived in the same house completely (the call Sio-house ) and we wanted to go further, but we were very young ... maybe something broke. I think when you have a dream really clear about what you want to be, you just have to put all your energy, all your exalted him and that was why failed. And I left ... I regretted for a long time, above all because of the loss of friendship, but as Neil Young said: "I have my own left hand to hoe." So ...
At the moment there is already some tour planned?
Unfortunately ... this is the main problem. I'd kill to play these songs on tour real.There will be a few gigs here and there over the coming months. Stay in touch on which will be released in the coming weeks. And be patient. If you want as much as we want we can find ourselves.
Finally, do you mean something more to our readers?
Yes, you own it. Trust, and not be afraid to open my eyes I say, open your eyes as they did before. This world is changing because the critical mass being achieved now. What about you? Be aware, keep your head up and love thyself first! Thank you. God bless you.


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