Saturday, 19 October 2013

A CABINET OF CURIOSITIES: Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets UK Test Pressing 2 x 1 side 1968 Vinyl

This is a really rare thing, and one which provokes that old familiar stirring in the bottom of the mitral valves of my collector's heart. A snip at £5,300

What's more, the person selling it obviously has a genuine sense of humour, so I quote his blurb in toto:

Soho Music are so proud to present this mega rare UK Stereo test pressing of the second Pink Floyd album "A Saucerful of Secrets" from 1968.  Totally original and virtually unique.  It consists of 2 x 1-sided discs.  Side 1 has larger "stereo" purple stamp to the label, while side 2 has smaller lighter purple stamp to label and a typed sticker stating "side 2".  Matrix information for side 1 is YAX 3633-1G, and the matrix information for side 2 is YAX3634-1G.  The original inner sleeves have the following stamped text - "July supplement May 30 1968" and "31 May 1968", plus the matrix numbers and the words Pink Floyd are hand written. This album is unique as it is the only studio album by the band to feature all five members.  The vinyl is near mint - about as mint as you can get without being mint.  If this LP walked into the Trebor Mints factory, even in there everyone would go "blimey, that's near mint..."

Please see Vernon Fitch's Pink Floyd archive services for more information:

This is definitely a once in a lifetime offering.  The test pressings did not originally come with a sleeve but we have thrown an original stereo cover in, just to finish the package off.

For the full history of the making of this iconic album and slice of psychedelic heaven, please see the full wikipedia entry for it at 

And be brutally honest folks, if you've got £5,300 burning a hole in your slacks, what would you rather be spending it on?  A unique classic piece of British psychedelic rock, or a second hand Kia Carens with 75,000 miles on the clock and a weird knocking noise coming from it's drive shaft when you go round corners?  And you didn't want to go on that World cruise this year, did you?  And as for that deposit for a flat for your teenage daughter? Well, she wouldn't appreciate it anyway, would she?  Bloody teenagers.  Will people be going crackers for One Direction albums in 45 years time?  Hell no.  Try and explain it to her as you handle this keepsake with kid gloves.

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