Tuesday, 22 October 2013

‘I said: Of course, yes’: Even with few details, Pat Mastelotto didn’t hesitate in rejoining new King Crimson

When the ever-enigmatic Robert Fripp called Pat Mastelotto about rejoining the new iteration of King Crimson, the drummer leapt at the opportunity — even though he knew very little about Fripp’s plans.
Mastelotto — a member of Crimson from 1994–2009 — says Fripp told him the size of the new lineup, but not the figures who might join him. There also was an open-ended time frame.
“He asked me to participate in the next King Crimson,” Mastelotto says in this KTU clip. “He told me there would be seven musicians — four English, three American, and that three would be drummers. I didn’t even know who all of the people were, but I said: ‘Of course, yes.’ I said: ‘Robert, do you really want to do this?’ And Robert said, yes. I said: ‘How long, Robert?’ And he said: ‘Well, until at least the end of the year, 2014. Possibly longer.’”
Only later did it become clear just who would be joining Mastelotto in this retooled edition of Fripp’s long-running prog amalgam: Mastelotto, Fripp, Tony Levin and Gavin Harrison from the group’s most recent working edition, back in 2009, along with Mel Collins, Jakko Jakszyk and Bill Rieflin.

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