Thursday, 19 February 2015

The White Stuff: Yes Drummer Talks about how the New Line-Up Handles the Old Tunes

Since forming in England in the late '60s, prog-rock act Yes has gone through countless line-up changes. Original singer Jon Anderson is the latest guy to part ways with the band. He left in 2012 and has since been replaced by Jon Davison. And yet, the band continues to play material that Anderson originally performed. For its current tour, it's playing three albums (1971's The Yes Album, 1972's Close to the Edgeand 1977's Going for the One) in their entirety. Drummer Alan White, who has been a constant in the group, recently spoke about all the line-up changes during a phone interview from a tour stop. 
You're playing three albums in their entirety. How long is the show? Five hours?
No. We do Close to the Edge and then Going for the One and then we do The Yes Album at the end, which was the breakthrough album for the band so it has all the hits on it. It's over two hours but we usually take an intermission.
Talk about the decision to include 1977's Going for the One.
We all like playing that album and it's one we haven't played that often. We played the songs many times over the years but never in its entirety. Songs like "Turn of the Century" and "Wonderous Stories." It was a No. 1 hit in England and it was pretty high on the charts over here too. There are identifiable songs on it. Close to the Edge is a landmark kind of album in progressive rock. We're covering all the bases.
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