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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Waterboys book - German review translated

Ian Abrahams / Strange Boat - Mike Scott and The Waterboys

Medium: Book 
Author: Ian Abraham 
Title: Strange Boat - Mike Scott and The Waterboys 
Language: English 
Publisher: Gonzo Media Group, 2014 
172 pages, Paperback 
Media: Book 
ISBN: 978-1-908728-40-1
Review of 02.03.2015 Markus Kerren

Amazingly, The Waterboys and Mike Scott is not very well represented in our index. After all, hadNorbert appeared at the time (and the predecessor of the current "Modern Blues") disc 2011Appointment With Mr. Yeats An assumed of which he was also impressed. This book "Strange Boat ..." appeared originally in 2007 and has now been launched by Gonzo Media Group once again. A German edition and translation, it seems still not to enter, which is why the present edition (obviously) is only available in English.
Traced the history of the musician Mike Scott , who grew up in Scotland without father (who left the family very early) and thus his mother's undivided attention (which no other man did, at least in the years of his childhood and youth in the house) enjoyed. On both points is indeed received, but never in such detail that you can 'fight' through the first chapter takes. Rather make this clear and provide clues as to why the personality of Mike Scott is so developed, as she did now times.
Even in relatively young (teenage) years of the protagonist developed a keen interest in music, but also poetry. Initially, CS Lewis , and later (but then always endearing) the Irishman WB Yeats (1865 - 1939) were very formative for Scott . Musically, he starred in many short-lived bands, there will be many of them, and many trials and tribulations, to the Scot then with Another Pretty Face the first combo had in the early eighties at the start, which was able to get a record deal. The seemingly sweet life was after the recording of a first album, however, very quickly sour. The label fit the material that is so not into that stuff and it turned demands for change.
With Mike Scott was kind but not to make. Another Pretty Face was dissolved, the album never came out and a bitter bandleader retired for now. After a period of self-discovery and redefinition (which is also a musical period with Nikki Sudden included) finally did the band The Waterboys , but nothing more than the very first time to this day Mike Scott with many (sometimes many years) was accompanying musicians and is.

Ian Abraham leaves us in the following years the band is set to music (from the 'Big Music' years - with the albums "A Pagan Place" and "This Is The Sea" - about the Irish significantly influenced "Fisherman's Blues" - up Today most successful record - and "Room To Roam" - which was far less taken ecstatic - to the solo "Dream Harder") and a personal perspective ( Scott comprehend hours of happiness and unhappiness with women and his occasionally rather odd personnel policy).
After initially longtime collaboration with musicians such as Anthony Thistlethwaite and (somewhat later) Steve Wickham turned out then but no later than the beginning of the nineties clearly states that the only head of the Waterboys none other than Mike Scott was. Even the band's name after he passed and published two (from the crowd, both musically and in terms of sales rather unnoticed) albums before the turn of the millennium again return to The Waterboys came into play. I want about the progress of this from me here anyway 'tarnished' history as well as the book itself will also no longer betray too much, after all, must also still something left over for reading.
In any case, the write is from Abraham to note that he knows discussed here band and music very well. He distributed a lot of praise, but is also very critical, if he deems. Wonderful and liquid to read the whole thing, you should be English speakers. The (previously admittedly not very Waterboys -bewandten) reviewers has at least tempted to dive into the music of this band and to become more than just once very pleasantly surprised.
Perhaps the book is still difficult despite its wealth of information a bit short, but it served at least all the important facts and facets in the life of the Waterboys !

01: Down in Jungleland 
02: The Waterboys 
03: Goodbye, Shadowlands 
04: This Is The Sea 
05: Fisherman's Blues 
06: A Celtic Summer 
07: Spring Comes To Spiddal 
08: The New Life 
09: Flying Solo 
10: Whatever Needs To Happen ... 
11: This Light Is For The World 
12: That Was The River 
13: Lightning Strikes And Yeats Is Revisited Bonus feature: An Appointment With Mr. Scott (R2)


Mike Scott and The Waterboys - Strange Boat
Book - £9.99

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