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Sunday, 8 May 2016


Who the hell was Larry Fischer? 1968 Los Angels, Sunset Strip, a street musician brings to 10 cents a song. His way to survive in the capitalist California. Frank Zappa was 'that weird guy' for several years in his sights and spoke good heart. Frank looked a bit and let him into his entourage. Not long, however, the collaboration lasted only a few months, Frank Zappa felt the flesh that psychotic Larry was a danger to his surroundings. 

But Larry was able to realize his ultimate dream: Zappa produced for him a first album.
Gonzo Multimedia is known for its bizarre releases. And this only perfect in the list of the 'outside'- Art (term coined by Jan Hoet). Art of outsiders getting a broader platform.
The busker Larry Fisher shows on these two CDs are skinny singing talent, his dubious creativity, but especially morbid derangement. Takes no medication, venturing itself violence and mischief, but also has some bright moments. His 'songs', if you can call it that all consist of a title and a single sentence with many repeats. His voice defies all imagination in false tones. Mostly what you get here monologues Larry and a rare interview with Frank. Musically there is to do nothing on this CD. Only three songs are the title "song" worthy and then as Frank Zappa and / or The Mothers were so good to accompany his madness. 

All the rest classifier among your best spoken word or childlike street singing. Larry also tried to play guitar, but far beyond vibrate the strings he did not. Wonder he later Rhino Records could convince even record two LPs. 

Who is this historical document than intended? Well, you listen only for when you're an ultimate Zappa fan who absolutely everything that is carries a hint of FZ wants to have in his possession. A collector's item this double CD will not be, but if you find obscure record from 1968 on vinyl, then let him not be. 

To finish the story of this poor man, he died living in supervised in 2011 and under strict medication. His dubious creativity was under the influence of the pills are long gone. But Frank Zappa made ​​him immortal. Lineup:

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