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Yet another sterling review of the first volume of this three-book set, this time by Fred Simoneau of Profilprog from Quebec. Volume 2 will soon be available, while Volume 3 is also due out later this year.

First, I want to raise my hat to Mr. loudly ROWLAND Kev. Why? When in the 80s Prog is stopped dead and buried when virtually anyone speaks of progressive rock, when the media turn their heads when most rockers make fun of this complicated and haughty and finally practice when Internet is not part of our lives as it does today, Mr. Rowland took the bull by the horns and published articles, columns and interviews about the shadow of artists. Was there a target audience? He wrote just to quench his own thirst to publish? He lost a great time to promote the impossible? Think about it, we are in a time when even the greatest of the Progressive struggling to survive. Punk, Disco the lack of room to produce and above all, the limited number of public make these almost obsolete. Only a small group pognée survive this critical period. That said, Mr. ROWLAND does not let down and continues nonetheless to encourage readers to continue the discovery, participate and listen to beautiful melodies and tempo that is found only in the Prog! 

In 2006, after having published more than 80 issues of its newsletter "Feedback" and printed an impressive total of over 11,000 pages, Mr. ROWLAND must end 16 years of activity in the promotion of music he likes. Can can claim to have survived so long in the work of passion and, especially on the subject that we are trying to examine.  

The book "The Progressive Underground VOL 1" of remarkable beauty contains first, a prologue written by Stu Nicholson of Galahad training. Group with which Mr. ROWLAND has developed a friendly relationship / very close professional. Following this, a (too) short introduction of the author. I specify the word "too" because this is my only complaint about this book. I would love to learn more about the character. Know some anecdotes about how and why he was able to persevere all these years to write about a subject as "underground". In short, I wish I had twenty pages dedicated to his personal history. Please note that this is the VOL 1 and VOL 2 and 3 will be available in the coming months.  

After this short introduction behind you, you will find columns and interviews arranged alphabetically. The VOL 1 offer so tame the letters A to H. Mostly written between 1991 and 2006, you will discover a bible information on different formations of the time. Chronic well-crafted, short and mostly written in order to develop the subject with ease. No words $ 100, no expression scratching his head. Simply relevant information, the essential and useful. Personally, I believe that many current columnists should emulate the writing of Mr. Rowland. Too often, after reading a chronic, we realize that we have learned nothing. On the other hand, it has an undeniable talent to push information simply and concisely. Admittedly, I have not been able to read all the articles but this work will long on my coffee table and reading will be gradual. I still have a lot to learn. What current work will offer articles on Anekdoten (Sweden), Finisterre (Italy), Citizen Cain (UK) and through Cross'N 'Crazi (Germany). The book's title is accurate, it is well and truly "underground" bands and I love it! Citizen Cain (UK) and through Cross'N 'Crazi (Germany). The book's title is accurate, it is well and truly "underground" bands and I love it! Citizen Cain (UK) and through Cross'N 'Crazi (Germany). The book's title is accurate, it is well and truly "underground" bands and I love it!   

I thought that the book was of remarkable beauty. Yes and I reiterate, coverage is gradual wish! The illustration was created by Mart Springett of Absolutely masterful. All illustrations are in color and paper quality is impeccable. This book, and those that will come out later this year, are part of the publishing group that not only are fun to read but also to possess. A total of 296 pages of information, countless work and research and impeccable quality.  

Close this section still rising once our good top hat. Mr. ROWLAND can be proud of everything he has done and, especially during a period or this approach might have seemed to be in vain. It has been able to promote and encourage this generation that today would not have had this visibility as deserved and hard won. The vast majority would give up while he is risen sleeves. Thank you for being able to keep the lights on well during these years of blackness, all groups as well as the fans you need one! Health and wait with great anticipation VOL 2 and 3.


The Progressive Underground Vol 1
Book - £12.99

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