Wednesday, 7 August 2019


The Raz Band - #9 (Double disc set, Gonzo Multimedia, Pop)
More exceptionally melodic upbeat guitar pop from The Raz Band. These guys have been at it for some time now, but you'd never know it. #9 has a nice fresh sound that should appeal to just about anyone who likes solid catchy guitar pop. The band is comprised of Jim Manzo, Michael "Raz" Rescigno, Joey Molland, and Jeff Hutchinson. The opening track is a real surprise. Featuring vocals by Molland, "Breadline Love" almost sounds like it could be an outtake from Badfinger's No Dice album from the 1970s. These guys aren't playing artsy stuff for the artsy crowd. Their songs are straightforward classic rock...the kinda stuff that most listeners find very appealing. #9 features eleven cool tracks, almost all of which sound like potential hits. The package also contains a bonus disc featuring an additional seven tracks recorded live. Is this a case where a band's time has finally come? It wasn't that long ago that Gonzo Multimedia released a 'best of' that presented an overview of the band's career. So this release is ultimately well-timed and primed for positive reception. Our favorite tracks include "Breadline Love," "I Got This," "Coming At You," "Let Me Tell You," and "Dirt."

No. 9
CD - £9.99

The Best of RAZ
CD - £9.99

Madison Park
CD - £9.99

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