Friday, 19 April 2013

LINK: Hawkwind - Warrior on the Edge of Time (Review)

Hawkwind – A trip through Space, Part V The Opus 

Hall was a complete success, Hawkwind had truly reached the high of their career and surely it would not be possible for them to reach this standard again? Warrior on the edge of time truly shows that it is possible for lightning to strike the same place twice. With this record being equal in stature and ability to Hall of the Mountain Grill.

The line-up between Grill and Warrior changed in standard Hawkwind fashion. Del Dettmarr had left, leaving the band without a permanent soul behind the synthesiers. In addition they hired another drummer, a man by the name of Alan Powell. This meant that Hawkwind actually had two people behind the drum kit, because apparently one wasn't enough for this band who will try anything once.

Warrior is somewhat of a concept album and much of the input came from Michael Moorcock, a science fiction writer from the 1960s onwards. The album is roughly based around his saga of the Eternal Champion. This direction helps focus the band in the same way that Grill did. Meaning that the performance is tight and well constructed. On this album Hawkwind is.

Michael Moorcock – vocals
Dave Brock – guitar, keyboards, vocals, bass guitar 
Nik Turner – saxophone, flute, vocals
Lemmy – bass guitar, vocals 
Simon House – violin, keyboards
Simon King – drums, percussions
Alan Powell – drums, percussion

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