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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


ImageTeam Zenit was founded in 1995 by Andy Thommen (ex-bassist Clepsydre group) and keyboardist Ivo   For these two musicians playing the drums joined Pedruzzi Luigi, Frank Di Sessa guitarist and vocalist Lorenzo Sonognini. His debut album, "Pravritti" recorded in 2001, and five years later they released their second album Fri "Surrender". On the second disc featuring starring Stefano Zaccagni (saxophone), Mattia Santoro (cello), Ursula Maggini (flute), Marco Fontana and Calicantus Children's Choir.

As many as seven years we had to wait for their latest album "The Chandrasekhar Limit," which had its premiere on Jan. 28, 2013, and was released by Galileo Records. Even the album cover arouses interest and raises the question of whether the contents of music presented by the Swiss group will also sonically intriguing and space?

Looking at the list of tracks at once pay attention to three long compositions. All in all, this record is six songs that make up almost 70 minutes of music, so why listen. The first composition, "Awaken", begins with an acoustic guitar and vocals, this beautiful ring out the keys. Opens before us a classic neoprog climate, enriched sharper guitar solos and a pulsating bass sound that carry us in the 70s Beautifully inspire us to explore the next tracks contained on this album. A short, three-minute "Lady Cub" is something of genesisowych achievements, such at least my impression. The third track "Pigreco" group Zenit introduces elements of psychedelic, not fleeing from jazzujących sounds too. The whole is based on the solid foundation of a progressive sound. Boys can their music, its appropriately selected and mixed species content, customer interest and positively surprise him. In his works draw ideas from alternative and progressive achievements of a number of groups to form varied, but very varied, and most importantly, a very interesting music. On this album, singing not only in English, as we can see listening to more than 17-minute composition "Matrimandir", where oriental music takaż text and start the recording. In this work, we hear a chorus and a lot of various, wonderful style of instrumental sounds and acoustic jazzrockowych climates. In his final resounds again sung " ... Sarveā 'Svastir Bhavatu, Sarve'ā' SANTIR Bhavatu, Sarve'ā 'Pūr'a' Bhavatu, Sarve'ā 'Mangala' Bhavatu Om ". wonderful sounds from the vocal, it is hard to away from this piece and wants to sing it along with Lorenzo.

By the end of the disc there are still two compositions. Instrumental, vigorously executed, "Pulsar" every second is gaining momentum, and shows how much potential lies dormant in the creative team. In front of us the last music scene, but it is as done!"The Daydream Suite" from the very first minute delivers amazing experiences that grow as listening to this more than twenty-minute musical feast. Processed voice takes us into the air and allows the music to take a break from reality. Excited such a beautiful musical journey, the force with which the moves and stirs emotions in us, we want to remain with us for a long time, not wanting to go back to everyday life that surrounds us. The various eye-catching sounds that we hear in this track will not be able to separate us from the speakers, to discourage the music so well growing beautiful backing vocals, guitar solo and nastrojowymi keys. The last few minutes of the composition remains in the memory for a very long time. At the end of the song, after a short silence, we hear these words: "... In The End, It's Only Music". For some, it can and sound, but for those who are able to listen to the instrumental parts played beautifully, skillfully enhanced vocals, the music will leave an indelible mark in the sensitive soul.

Recommend to read this latest proposal team Zenit, which, as you can hear on the album, is constantly developing and seeking to enrich their sound. This album is impressive from start to finish. Can enchant melodic lines, grab his attention in batches bass guitar solos and beautiful, classic and modern sound keys, and complex and harmonious vocals. Active grabs the listener into another musical world. That's the album "The Chandrasekhar Limit".

At the end of the group Zenit remind Lorenzo Sonognini (vocals, acoustic guitar), Luigi Biamino (guitar, backing vocals), Ivo Bernasconi (keyboards), Andy Thommen (bass, backing vocals), Gabriele Schira (drums and percussion) and guest Stefano Zaccagni (saxophone), Asia Thommen, Diana Bernasconi, Maria Scandella, Ilaria Widmer (additional backing vocals of "The Daydream Suite"). The final word on the end of the album says Matt Goodluck. Cover is designed by Sander Kwiatkowski, who is also known album covers of bands such as Jungle, Clepsydre, Shakary and Amplify.

The Chandrasekhar Limit
CD - �9.99

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