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In recent years, you can hardly hear new music from Vangelis, so I at the documentary DVD "Vangelis and the Journey to Ithaca" pose the question to me whether you should consider this DVD as it were, as a final report at a tremendous creative life.

The two-hour film is divided in very nearly failed DVD menu in 17 chapters, especially statements and interviews of friends with Vangelis (or known) directors (Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Roman Polanski, Hugh Hudson), actors (Sean Connery, Gerard Depardieu), musician / internal (Montserrat Caballe, Jon Anderson, Julian Rachlin, Jessye Norman, Akiko Ebi, Kathleen Battle), scientists (Scott Bolton) and includes music managers. Also Vangelis himself tells in detail about his childhood, his parents, his views on music, the universe, the painting and the legalities of the music business and of filmmaking.

Vangelis is represented as a versatile in painting, music and the sciences interested genius and largely without ego trips outcoming artist, who began to make music, inexplicably, at the age of about 4 years. The interesting thing is probably the fact that Vangelis probably a really nice person and a kind of genius, even if he had never learned to write music, or read the notes. The work of the music of Vangelis is to write down notes as done by a certain Valenti Irina Nova, which of course also has its say.

In addition, we learn that Vangelis is also active as a painter and that he considered his works to be very personal and they therefore not sold. Long time he had to be persuaded to leave his paintings exhibit worldwide. Of these, tell two ladies who deal with organizational painting exhibitions.

The common thread of the documentation are the stories about the origin of the music for the films "1492-Conquest of Paradise," "Chariots of Fire", "Alexander", "El Greco" and "Blade Runner".Other albums are mentioned only in passing, or not at all up to "Mythodea". We see the fragments of other with Vangelis music refined projects, such as "Slava's Snow Show" (with the Russian clown Slava Polunine), concerts with Monsita and Montserrat Caballe, World Games 1997 in Athens and some commercials, for example, in France very successfully were . And finally, some moving pictures are shown that demonstrate the musician when answering some of awards, such as the academic titles of honor.

For me, the most interesting passages that show Vangelis play the keyboard were, where he conjures up the whole, very colorful orchestra arranged with help from his keyboard. His friends and acquaintances repeatedly report how he always plays to them seemingly ready orchestral compositions. Then it turns out often that a mature acting composition is created during the performance.

Who wants to be the musical phenomenon Vangelis Papathanassiou approach, should get this DVD ... and then watch. Unfortunately, the documentation is somewhat one-sided focus on the successful film music of the Greeks.

Journey to Ithaka
DVD - £14.99

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