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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Joey Molland RTM Belgium review translated


Joseph "Joey" Charles Molland (b. 1947, Liverpool, UK) for over three decades, a composer and guitarist and rock by rock enthusiasts, the best known of the guitarist of the band "Badfinger". Molland began his musical career with local rock bands like "The Assassins" and "The Profiles".His first recordings (a cover single "She Belongs To Me" by Bob Dylan - B-side: "Taken My Love") date from 1965 and are made with the band "The Master Minds" 

After this adventure goes Molland performance and touring. with the backing band "The Merseyside." "The Merseys" was a British vocal duo, which remained when the pop group "The Merseybeats" in 1966 fell apart. Their name is derived from the "Mersey Beat" (named after the River Mersey , which flows along Liverpool) is a style of music within the rock. Known representatives of this genre are "The Beatles", "The Searchers", "Gerry & the Pacemakers" and "The Mersey Beats." "The Merseys" duo consisted of Tony Crane and Billy Kinsley. Molland's own recordings date back in 1967, when he played with Gary Walker (formerly "The Walker Brothers") and his band "Gary Walker & The Rain." "The Rain" released between 1967 and 1969 several singles , an EP and a CD. 

Four compositions Molland appeared on their album "# 1." In the absence of a breakthrough split the band in 1969. End 1969 is Molland for work knock on "Badfinger" and can start hiring basis. "Badfinger" (formerly "The Iveys") was a band that enjoyed the attention of Apple Records (the label that launched by "The Beatles"), the original line of "Badfinger" consisted of. singer / guitarist Pete Ham (1947-1975), guitarist Tommy Evans (1947-1983), Joey Molland (b. 1947) and drummer Mike Gibbins (1949-2005) Paul McCartney wrote and was the producer of the first single from "Badfinger". "Come And Get It. "with" Badfinger "Molland enjoyed in the early years of luck with the singles and albums they released, and he could do a few guest appearances. Joey Molland & Tommy Evans played acoustic guitar on John Lennon's" Jealous Guy "and" I Don ' t Want To Be A Soldier, Momma "(Album:" Imagine "). Pete Ham and Tommy Evans did the backing vocals on Ringo Starr's" It Do not Come Easy Badfinger "line up worked on George" The whole original. " Harrison's triple LP, "All Things Must Pass" and "The Concert for Bangladesh" (see discography). In 1974, after disagreements about the management, leaving Molland "Badfinger." In 1975 Molland targets with Jerry Shirley (ex "Humble Pie ") the band" Natural Gas ". In 1976 the band released the album" Natural Gas "and they go on tour with Peter Frampton (" The Preachers "," Humble Pie "). split in 1977" Natural Gas ". With Molland are "Badfinger" bandmate Tom Evans takes two albums under the name "Badfinger" on "Airwaves" (1978) and "Say No More" (1981) After wrangling over rights Molland and Evans split after their second album and act. them separately under the name "Badfinger". Pete Ham (1975) Tom Evans commit suicide. (1983) After 1983 Molland occurs (with former drummer of "Badfinger", Mike Gibbins) even as "Badfinger" or " Joey Molland's Badfinger "Top 10 hits." Badfinger "are:" Come & Get It "," No Matter What "(Watch and listen here), "Day After Day", "Baby Blue" and "Without You" (the last song has been covered by Harry Nilsson in 1972 and Mariah Carey in 1994 - in both versions became a # 1 hit) ...! 

After more than thirty years, Joey Molland still do it with or without (the name) "Badfinger". The songs on his fourth solo album deal with everyday useful things and are often musings. It's not old-fashioned "Badfinger" become power album. Only in "Frank and Me" and "All I Need Is Love" is the tempo anything rocking, anno '60-70 upwards.Molland is certainly where the backing vocals are heard, the quieter melodic direction.While listening to Joey Molland, you keep hearing the sixties and get you back to that other great British bands, including "Joey Molland and Badfinger" there certainly was!"Rock will never die ..." 

Eric Schuurmans


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