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Friday, 10 October 2014

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit #91


Peter Singh:      Rockin’ with the Sikh
Spoon:  Rent I Pay
Aphrodite’s Child:          Aegian Sea
Soft Walls:        Won’t Remember my Name
Spiritualized:      Symphony Space
Rocket Scientists:          Traveller on the Supernatural Highway
Katie Lee:         Guilty Rag
Merry Pranksters          Merry Pranksters
Britain With Beat:          Eight Days a Week
Neil Sedaka:      Where the Toys Are
J Mascis:          Every Morning
Janet Greene:    Fascist Threat
Luluc:   Small Window
Soft Walls:        Never Come Back Again
Robert Reed:     Sanctuary pt 1
Genesis:            Twilight Alehouse
Soft Walls:        Guided Through
Ethel Merman:  I Get a Kick out of You
Psychedelic Guitars:      Way Out

Psychedelic Guitars:      Take a Trip

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