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Friday, 3 October 2014

ROB AYLING: Night of the Hawks - Leamington Spa

‎One of my favourite times of the year is autumn, the long shadows, golden sunsets and of course a Hawkwind tour. I am intending seeing several dates, tonight the first being The Assembly at Leamington Spa. 

Dave and the boys didn't disappoint. With 7 musicians on stage the Hawkwind dense wall of sound left no one untouched (not even in a sound proof shelter). Such a joy to hear old classics like; Steppenwolf, Golden Void, Motorway City, It's So Easy, Sonic Attack, Orgone Accumulator,  Reefer Madness  ‎Etc. 

Having being going to Hawkwind shows for over 33 years now, it always feels like I am coming home in some way, bumping into a few people I know in the hall. Now that John Etheridge is in the band, I remember him from previous musical adventures, so our times cross again, along with Tim Blake who he and I go back decades. Not forgetting the good Captain Dave Brock himself!!

In many ways the band ‎remain timeless, yet they get still get better (and tighter) the more I see them :) and so does the light show. Even though band played for close to two hours, it still is never long enough for me or the crowd of eager fans. 

I recommend, if you haven't got a ticket to see them, you do so immediately!!

Rob Ayling

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