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LOOK WHAT MARK MURDOCK SENT ME (Peter Banks was, of course, the original guitarist with Yes)

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08 Nov 2014

*Mark Murdock - Empire featuring Peter Banks*

In the wee hours I put this on my own personal FB wall and then afterwards figured what the hell, I'd share. 

*MUST SEE TV (also works on computer screens...tablets...cell phones, etc...)*

See a band from Japan that Mark Murdock (drums) is in called 'Machine Messiah' do a hot cover of a Peter Banks Empire rocker called; Out Of Our Hands. The title is also the name of a Flash album (1973), but on that album there was never 
a title song offered. The song 'Out Of Our Hands', is found on another Peter Banks project called Empire. The song can be found on the bands first release; Empire featuring Peter Banks - Mark 1. The beginning number as a matter of fact. Note...On that album also is Genesis drummer Phil Collins. He's credited ( help from Phil Collins) for drums, and backing vocals.

Look out for the new (posthumous) Peter Banks Empire release; The Mars Tapes. A cool archival project that I read about but have not heard YET. Looking forward! Will keep y'all posted.

Meanwhile, if interested in hearing what nowadays could be called, some cool ass retro-prog, then check out the link provided.

Eat, drink, and be merry 

Gary Brown
American Correspondent for CRR (Dot EU)

The Mars Tapes
2CD - £11.99

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  1. Thank you Rob Ayling and Gonzo for this wonderful album! You have been such a pleasure to work with! And thank you Mark Murdock and Machine Messiah for keeping the music of Empire alive!
    Sidonie Jordan


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