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Saturday, 1 November 2014

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit #93

19-10-14 - Show 93

Hawkwind (feat, Brian Blessed):           Sonic Attack
Bloodsucker:    Conversations with Real Vampires
Stitched Back Foot Airmen:      Why
Wild Man Fischer:        The Wild Man Fischer Story
Os Mutantes:    Adeus Maria Folo
Cannibal Corpse:          The Undead Will Feast
Deep Purple:    Bloodsucker
Winterset:         Horse of Mud
Sky Picnic:       Upon Further Reflection
Sky Picnic:       Lady of the Moon
Sky Picnic        Her Dawn Wardrobe
Durutti Column:            Spanish Lament
Esther Ofarim:  Song of the French Partisan
Aphex Twin:     Domino
Banana Splits:   We’re the Banana Splits
Stinky Picnic:    Animals on the Beach
George Formby:           Happy go Lucky me
Wild Man Fischer:        Which Way did the Freaks Go
Wild Man Fischer:        The Leaves are Falling
Wild Man Fischer:        Monkeys versus Donkeys
Wild Man Fischer:        Think of me When Your Clothes are Off
Noura Mint Seymali:     Eguetmar
Aicha Tachiniwite         Track 4
Noura Mint Seymali:     El Mougelmen
Ringo Starr:      Just a Dream
Don Hinson:     Monster Surf Stomp
Matthew Smith:            The Seaside Town
Wild Man Fischer:        Merry Go Round
Wild Man Fischer         The Circle

Joshua Scott Breakstone:          Exit 6

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