Sunday, 7 February 2016

RAZ US review

The Raz Band is a rock and roll quintet based out of New Jersey. They have been around for many years but I am not sure how many albums they have released. The core of the band is Jeff Hutchinson (drums and vocals), Michael Raz Rescigno (guitars and vocals), Jim Manzo (bass and vocals), Joey Molland (guitars and vocals) and Joe Vitale (keyboards and vocals). Molland (Badfinger) has previously recorded with the band but on the new album Madison Park he is now recognized as a full-fledged band member.

The album is named after the town in New Jersey where Hutchinson and Rescigno grew up. Musically speaking the band plays pure old fashioned rock and roll. There are sixteen tracks in total, mostly short concise rock songs with catchy riffs and endearing lead vocals. Songs like the opening track "$1.50 For Your Love" and "The Road Of Love" demonstrates the band's use of dirty rock riffs and upbeat horns like trumpet and sax. On "What Love Can Do" the catchy chord progression and Ray Davies-like lead vocals makes for another fine melodic statement from the band. The acoustic "You're My Love" is another nice track with catchy lead vocals from Becka Rescigno. This isn't complicated stuff but it is well played and the hooks and melodies will certainly provide some food for thought.

The tracks do not vary a whole lot so if you are looking for variety this disc is likely not for you. I did find it a little difficult holding my attention at times as the album is fifty-nine minutes long. While it didn't blow me away it is a pleasant enough listen that will be worth your time if you crave the innocent rock music of yore.

Track Listing:
1. $1.50 For Your Love (4:44)
2. What Love Can Do (3:10)
3. The Road Of Love (3:43)
4. Say Ya Love Me (3:010
5. Time Marches On (2:58)
6. You're My Love (3:15)
7. Searching Forever (3:41)
8. You're The Magic (3:38)
9. The Paths That We Take (5:19)
10. Start Your Engines (3:27)
11. You Don't Know A Thing (2:32)
12. Barbara Operator (4:50)
13. High School Reunion (2:40)
14. Love Me Do (3:00)
15. Shoot Em Up (3:25)
16. When Dogs Fly South (5:13)


The Best of RAZ
CD - £9.99

Madison Park
CD - £9.99

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