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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Fairport Convention at the Union Chapel

“Live shows are what keep us going,” admits lead vocalist and guitarist Simon Nicol, the only remaining founder of Fairport Convention. It’s the band’s charisma and obvious love for what they do that makes them such a pleasure to watch. The members do not attempt to hide their age or parody their younger selves, readily admitting when they need to take an interval. They have been on the road for some 50 years, and yet their hefty two-hour set still manages to surprise the crowd.
The chemistry amongst the band members is unquestionable, their humour and warmth infectious as they manage to verify Nicol’s claim that their winter tour “brings a dash of brightness and warmth to the dark cold evenings of January and February.” Set against the stunning backdrop of the Union Chapel, the songs are crisp and powerful. The set flits between tracks from all of their albums, with Nicol remarking on the random prevalence of tracks about soldiers named John, in both John Condon and Lord Marlborough. Chris Leslie, the newest member of the band having contributed for only 20 years, came into his own with the iconic My Love Is in America. But the band’s charm lies not in any individual member, but in their synchronisation, which Nicol also draws the audience’s attention to. It’s uplifting to see a group of people so obviously enjoying one another’s company. Clear Water is hypnotic in its setting, with blue-green lights colouring the stage and spraying the walls of the chapel. 
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