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Friday, 25 March 2016



Title - 'Your Sleekest Engine'
Artist - Genre Peak
Martin Birke's original compositions began getting nationally published in 1990. His history as a drummer, keyboardist, programmer, songwriter and vocalist is in a current variety of US & European releases. Starting as a drummer in the late 70s, Martin now specializes as an electronic percussionist, composer and performer.
While with the Frank Mark Arts label in Germany during the mid to late-90s, Martin was recording and touring in the bands Casualty Park, Sandbox Trio and studio project Birke/Leykam/Panasenko. This latest album, appropriately enough entitled Your Sleekest Engine once again showcases Martin’s extraordinary composition and performing skills; and also features guest performances by members of the seminal 80’s electro band Japan.
1. 'Nightfalls'
2. 'Denizen Darklight'
3. 'Metanoia'
4. 'God Fearing Men'
5. 'American Civil Rage'
6. 'Fix Me Deeper'
7. 'First Born of the New Millennium'
8. 'Fix Me Deeper - Richard Barbieri Mix'
9. 'The Waiting Station'
Featuring such special guests as Jon Hassell, Mick Karn, Steve Jansen, Charlie Woodward, Matt Malley, Lesley Braden and Richard Barbieri, Genre Peak's highly impressive, immensely catchy Your Sleekest Engine is the kind of album you might well start listening to, not fully knowing what you're musically in for, and yet hit repeat every single time it ends - for days!
As the opening chimes lead us into the first track, 'Nightfalls' (featuring Steve Jansen / Lesley Braden / Mick Karn), you can just sense, along with the building tones coming together, that your ears are in for something really special. The lighter synth pop fare of 'Denizen Darklight' is brilliant, and just all sorts of addictive, and that is backed by the trance-like 'Metanoia' (featuring Jon Hassell), and then 'God Fearing Men'.
The slower, more methodically-created, sound bite-scripted (and inclusive of the US President himself) 'American Civil Rage' is next and is followed by the Indian drum-cultured 'Fix Me Deeper' (featuring Manal Deeb performing the Arab lyrics), which in turn is followed by the shortest track on the new CD, 'First Born of the New Millennium'. Another track born around the spoken word, those words are written by Michael Spring (from his own poem), and is backed by another version of 'Fix Me Deeper - Richard Barbieri Mix.'
The album then comes to a close with the quite riveting, quite innovative pop synth breeze of 'The Waiting Station' ("When I need to move ahead, time just f**ks around instead"). Ladies and Gentlemen, if I could implore you to do anything today it would be to at least check this band out on Feacebook, find out more about the album, and then invest in it thereafter. It is not a penny mis-spent and might well become your soundtrack to 2016, trust me!

Your Sleekest Engine
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

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