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Sunday, 27 March 2016



GENRE PEAK - Your sleekest engine
/ Published on 21-03-2016 /
Peak kind is the project of Martin Birke , active electronics percussionist for twenty years. We should rather say that Genre Peak is a project of the fertile musical imagination of Martin Birke, who already has to his credit some notable associations in favor of the electronic case. Installed behind the battery from the age of seven years and resulted in church choirs in his native California, Martin Birke is active early in various projects, leading to the formation of his first professional project in the mid 1990 Sandbox Trio . 

Combining electronic instruments and handicrafts, this band released several albums until 2000, the death of Chuck Ehlis, musician essential to the project. Martin Birke then moves on Casualty Park , a duo mounted with Aaron Kinney who released three albums between the end of the last century and the beginning of the next. Then in 2005 comes Genre Peak, a group assembled by Martin Birke with intentions to stabilize a line-up but that lasts only the time of an album ("End of the Earth" , 2006). It was then that Martin Birke guess its Genre Peak project could evolve better if it were based on the circumstances collaborations, without idea of sustainability of a team. By coming and going of guest musicians, Martin Birke pursues Genre Peak discography with "preternatural" (2008), "Redux" (2010) and "9 microspheres" (2013). The work is mainly oriented towards electronic music and experimentation, causing many remixes of existing songs placed on new albums. For his new album "Your sleekest engine" 

Martin Birke convened new guests, includingSteve Jansen (JapanDavid Sylvian), Jon Hassell (Brian Eno ,Peter Gabriel), Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree), Matt Malley (Counting Crows) and vocalists as Lesley Braden (Fast Arrow), Charlie Woodward (Falco ,Strinx ) and Manal Deeb (a Palestinian singer just placing Arabic texts on the latest songs on the album). With bassist Mick Karn (Japan, Dali's CarDavid Torn), the team is complete. Martin Birke wrote here all the pieces but sharing their creation with various musicians of the project which involved individually to suit pieces. The album "Your sleekest engine" has indeed need nearly three years of design, Martin Birke recording his songs with guests based on availability. The content of these pieces gives pride to electronic music, willingly planing and dancing ( "Denizen Darklight" ). One can distinguish in this album influences from new wave (Depeche Mode) but things are also moving towards more experimental things, visible in the second part of the disc ( "civil rage American" , "Fix me deeper" , which is remixed and therefore comes in two different versions). for people unaccustomed to experimental electronics, this album may surprise or even destabilizing. But there in the work of Martin Birke willingness to cross musical boundaries and bring the listener in regions rarely visited. It is well beyond the new wave of vanity or the flatness of the dance floor, but in an experiment after all interesting.

Your Sleekest Engine
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

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