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Thursday, 17 March 2016

MIKE TAYLOR BOOK: A new review published on influential "Jazz Journal" in December 2015 issue!

On "Jazz Journal" (issue 64) published in December 2015 a very positive review by Roger Farbey about "Out of Nowhere"!

The journalist states: "Luca Ferrari, for the first time, offers up a whole book on Taylor and despite several unvoidable questions marks over details, delivers a fascinating account of a musician who epitomised the creatively significant mid-to-late 1960s period of British jazz"...

And further: "... the book throws up more questions than answers.However, proofreading deficiencies notwithstanding, this is a welcome addition to the canon of British jazz biographies, particularly as it focuses on the tragic life of a musician who never realised his full potential but nevertheless made a profound impact on British jazz".

Thanks Mr. Farbey for having got the deeper meaning of my book: write the sad tale of a talented musician throwing up more questions than answers...

In the meanwhile the book is disappeared from the Amazon jazz biographies best sellers...



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