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Sunday, 3 July 2016


STRANGE FRUIT SHOW #169 – The Long and the Short of it (19-06-2016?)

Wild Man Fischer:      I Got a Camera
Cloudland Canyon:     4 PK
Carnivorous Erection: I Wanna Kill
Keith Jarrett:   Koln Part II B
Edith Sitwell:  Mariner Man
Meredith Monk           Panda Chant II
Jill Purce:         Healing Voice
John Fiddler:   Another 21st Century Day
Jane Campion: Passionless Moments
Drum Circus:   Groove Rock
Oliver Nelson: Stolen Moments
Zoogz Rift:     Dissemblers
Ollie Halsall & John Halsey:   Bum Love
The Residents: We’re a Happy Family/Bali Hai
Roger Mcgough:         The Wreck of the Hespurus
Morgan Fisher:            Green and Pleasant
John Otway:    Mine Tonight
Dr John van Impe:      An Important Message
Peter Frampton:          Penny for your Thoughts
Alfred Hitchcock:       Plumbing Problem
McGough and McGear           From Frink, A Life In The Day Of And Summer With Monika Introducing Moanin'/Anji (Prologue, Medley and Epilogue)
Alva T Stanforth Junior High School Choir and Dance Band:          Chinatown
David Koresh: We’re Supposed to be Christians
Sublime:          New Thrash
James Brown:  Time is Running out Fast
Olivia Tremor Control:            The Sky is a Harpsicord Canvas
Gavin Bryars: After Mendelssohn
1/2 Japanese    Paint it Black
Simon Jeffes   Arthur’s Treat
Mark Perry      Talking World War III Blues
Michael Nyman           89-90-91-92
Terry Riley:     Dog Barks at Midnight
Chris Butler:    Have a Nice Century

Tilted Tim:      Endpiece

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