Thursday, 4 October 2018


Hello, Ken Worthington here!

I must begin with an apology.. The Christmas Special edition of the Shuttleworths is NOT going out on December 30th - it's going out a whole week earlier on Sunday December 23rd at 7.15 pm on BBC Radio 4. That's a much better slot for a Christmas show, I'm sure you'll agree. You can tune in and listen to it whilst you wrap your prezzies by the fire - but not too close please or the wrapping paper may be set alight!

Next, in case you didn't know, John recently sustained a slight rip in his cagoule which he's attempted to mend with safety pins. Unfortunately when he wears the cagoule now he looks like a punk rocker, so I said "Why don't we go and see that Jilted John fella on his 40th Anniversary tour?" John is very keen and like myself is looking forward to punching the air to "Gordon is a Moron" !

Apparently, it all starts tonight in Harpenden and then goes to Liverpool, Cambridge, Brighton, London, Frome, Wolverhampton, Glasgow, Middlesborough, Lincoln, Sheffield and Manchester to name just erm.. all the dates (well, I thought I might as well !)

Being an impresario naturally I can get me and John on the guest list, but the rest of you will need to HURRY UP AND BUY YOUR TICKETS if you want to catch this unique 'never to be repeated' event!

Links to all shows here (click 'Gigs')

I'm looking forward to the show in Sheffield but oo, I am a little worried. You see, you have to pogo up and down in time to the music, don't yer in punky rock ? Well, that's fine for John in his sensible shoes, but for me there's a real risk my Cuban heels will gouge holes in the floor, or my heels become stuck in the gaps between the floorboards! Also my afro could collect unwanted spittle from the punky rockers, though I am assured it's really not that kind of show.

Oo, Joan Chitty's just come in wearing fishnet stockings and a short vinyl skirt. She's going to see a faith healer at the St John's Ambulance Rooms with Mary, but she's more suitably attired to come and see the Jilted John show. I'll ask her shortly. I don't think I'll bother asking Mary though..!

Please do come along yourselves and find out what JJ has been up to in the 40 years since 'Jilted John' got to number 4 in the fun top 20, and discover if Gordon is still a moron? Special guest on all dates is the amazing John 'Really Free' Otway.  It sounds unmissable, and it is, so you'd better not miss it, missus! Oo er..

Here we go.. 2 3 40!

Bye for now !

Kenny x

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