Thursday, 25 October 2018

SPIRITS BURNING: Belgian review translated


Musical icon Don Marino Falcone once again succeeded in giving a unique project musical form with his collective Spirits Burning. Don Falcone immersed himself as a musical producer and keyboardist / singer over the years in collaboration with rock artists. Last year he released the glorious album 'The Roadmap in Your Head' (read review on this site), in collaboration with the French company Clearlight, an ode to Daevid Allen from the legendary band Gong. Captivated by the trilogy 'The Dancers At The End Of Time', in which the novella 'An Alien Heat', he asked permission to author Michael Moorcock for an adaptation of his work. Michael Moorcock, in addition to being a vocalist of Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix, could not refuse this offer (with minimal input from harmonica and as backing vocalist!). More than 30 artists (among others from Blue Oster Cult, Hawkwind, Groundhogs and Arthur Brown) are responsible for the interpretation of 16 songs. The new album 'An Alien Heat' exudes homogeneity (may also be used as a concept album) and originality (good taken away). Because of the ever-changing occupation everyone could lay their own egg, on the understanding that Don Falcone could keep the overview beautiful. A daring piece as a producer to let the various fans from rock, psychedelic and space rock think and play in the same direction. The songs flow like pendulum honey through your speakers, with handsome vocals of baritone Jsun Atoms (The Dream Machine, The Upsidedown) and Albert Bouchard (BOC). Touches of indie, space, alternative, musical, classic, ... interwoven into an extremely fascinating theatrical whole. 'An Alie Heat' appears on Gonzo Multimedia as double album with the instrumental version as bonus cd. Fans of Blue öster Cult, Hawkwind, and also all theatrical prog fanatics will love this.


Spirits Burning is one of the most unique entities in the space rock galaxy. The group consists of one main member, Don Falcone, and many other participants from various  bands and projects...

Healthy Music In Large Doses is the latest offering from the Spirits Burning space rock collective, this time featuring keyboardist Cyrille 'Clearlight' Verdeaux. Clearlight is a project of French son..

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