Thursday, 21 March 2013


Atkins May Project is a musical project of former Judas Priest singer - Al Atkins . By the way, is one of the many elements of his work. And what may be the latest "baby" precursor species? It's just ... sparkling! Checks are saying that the shell soaked in his youth, this smacks of old age. Al still holds level. Simply sings "the whole". 

ImageThe album, entitled "Valley of Shadows" represents the most heavy metal playing. It is the powerful, infernal vocals Ala, a fast pace and are sharp guitar. That instrument supports another project basis Atkins May Project - that Mr. Paul May . Guitars are uncompromising, raw and sharp, fast and furious, as befits a genuine metal band.You can say that wgniatają listener in the chair. Each of the numbers on the plate ahead could be considered a classic in the making, the classic gentlemen playing, sounding at the same time more recently. "Valley of Shadows" is the second joint work of the two men. No change to the golden formula developed in the previous album, "Serpent's Kiss". Atkins and May does not discover new places, do not mix too much, but clearly they push the - attack and straight into battle. The product is designed for fans of metal by far the genre.

Apparently, eccentricity and personality of both men undoubtedly suited to concert and delicious. Atkins May Project - locate, listen and find out what is the truth! Keep it metal!

The Serpents Kiss
CD - £9.99

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