Saturday, 23 March 2013

CABINET OF CURIOSITIES: Hawkwind at Summer Daze

Hawkwind eased off appearing at small English festivals in the 80s but still did a few, here and there. Ditto the 90s, and one appearance in North Devon was something for the organisers to trumpet. They produced an eight-page booklet for their Summer Daze festival in 1996:

Held on Stapleton Farm near Stibb Cross, I attended with several mates, one of whom couldn't remember, the day after, anything about the Hawkwind performance. I remembered having had a head-bang / hair-shake to "Hassan i Sahba" (the one with the chorus line about hashish) but couldn't remember anything else.

Must've been a good show, then!

Note that weird reference to Council regulations about boot laces.  Even in 1996 the 'Elf an Safety bunch were around and dreaming up new rules all the time.

The road shown in the above map is the world-famous (?) B3227....


  1. ahhh Summer Daze.
    why did it ever end?
    a proper full on mad festival for the locals with no fuss or pretension.
    some of the guys on this line up are still gigging in one way or another.

  2. Here is Captain Rizz at that very gig ...


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