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Zenit is a Swiss Italian born in 1998 and his third album out here in Galileo. Dominated by guitar and bass, their music is inspired by Genesis but also jazz influences. Here, no technical demonstration, the melodies are sparse and yet subtle. My first contact with this album took place on youtube and the first impression was disappointing. But the album came to the house, as if by magic, as if to demonstrate the need for me to dwell a little longer, and indeed, the first full listen, I had to seriously revise my opinion too fast . Nearly seventy minutes of music, six pieces, three more than ten minutes, Awaken twelve and seventeen Matrimandir The Daydream Suite twenty-four minutes. Here is an impressive technical. then there is a very high quality recording, which offers a magnificent return of all instruments, a feast for the ears. Finally, there is the music itself, which indeed might surprise you to first listen by its apparent simplicity for a genre like progressive and yet should quickly captivate you. 

Simplicity is not the right word, because there are a multitude of breaks, change of pace, instrumentals, but there never will be breezy technical performance rather beaches where a low point on the front left some notes to guitar and keyboard keys. Writing is sometimes repetitive but fly, especially when the sound quality is the rendezvous. There are many reasons to own Genesis plus some forays into jazz. The mixture is clever and happy. singing seems almost always to the limit but it never crossed the border, always fair and square, nice enough in the end, not only against some live by it is the height but that is another matter. Talking songs now. This is the voice of Lorenzo starts the album Awaken. A rhythmic prog vintage, a piano break, a long range battery bass guitar blues rock where the keyboard a few small patches, rather repetitive but delicious, the kind of thing you do not really expect an album of progressive rock and makes fly. The title ends with an air of Genesis in the early years which makes it even more awesome, a really beautiful piece. Cup Lady is a small intimate ballad between two giants. Lorenzo's voice is fly, simple music with choirs, magic, the pause was needed to tackle PiGreo. because then we will go in all directions, the prog to jazz, rhythm changes chaining unceremoniously. 

It is for me the best track on the album that shows how Zenit control the mixing of genres, from classical to prog blues jazz, a beautiful guitar sound to listen very hard sax that Stephano Zaccagni is invited into the group. This is excellent. Matrimandir and Hindu influences is probably a little surprise the audience. The title goes slowly, tirelessly repeating the same mantra among whom the guitar shines from time to time and a passage where Brazilian music beautifully encrusted. Again the bass is put forward on a long passage with jazzy keyboards, almost a trademark of the Swiss group. A great opportunity to listen briefly also the drummer makes beautiful things. Seventeen minutes relatively peaceful passing pleasantly. 's instrumental album is Plusar almost six minutes to progressive wish that begin and end quite unexpectedly see. Zenit's music still shows its The limits on Daydream Suite. For such a period, more than twenty four minutes anyway, there is no doubt dazzling solos to boost the title. A beautiful discovery that this album, mixing classic prog, jazz and blues, with a low forward and good musicians even if they do not play in the short demonstratives, excellent sound bill. Although the last title left me a bit unsatisfied, it is interesting to discover a disk. Posted by Neoprog on 11/03/2013

The Chandrasekhar Limit
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