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Thursday, 28 March 2013

OFF TOPIC: Scott Walker query

This blog and its spin-off newsletter which is rapidly becoming a magazine in its own right, are predominantly about the music released by the Gonzo Multimedia group of companies.

Gonzo is a company with a massively diverse catalogue, and there is clearly scope for me to run these blogs as they were originally intended for an indefinite period. But I am a curious sort of fellow, and sometimes I come across something which I find of interest, and which I decide to share with the Gonzo readership despite it being completely off topic! I am the editor, and I claim it as my privilege and the boss (Gonzo grande fromage Rob Ayling) is remarkably forbearing and lets me do it.

Here is one of those aforementioned diversions:

Scott Walker is probably my favourite singer of all time. The Almighty gifted him with both a remarkable talent and a glorious voice, which has few peers. Why then has ever album he has made since 1995 got progressively more peculiar (some would say progressively more unlistenable)? And why do people like me keep listening?

Norman Ball, a poet from Virginia, of whom I have to admit that I had never heard before, does his best to answer my questions.

Read on...

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