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Thursday, 28 August 2014

‘Oh, my God – talk about a redirection’: Micky Dolenz on his most interesting post-Monkees job offer

During the periods in which Micky Dolenz wasn’t making a career with the Monkees, he’s typically busied himself with television production, film acting and stage work. That is, until a certain, very unlikely Rock and Roll Hall of Famer asked him to join his band.
“I get a call from Frank Zappa one day,” Dolenz tells Kevin Pollak. He said: “Micky, I just wondered — I know the Monkees show went off the air, and I’d like for you to be the drummer for the Mothers of Invention.”
All of this took place, Dolenz says, “about a year after” the Monkees TV program ended in 1968— “or maybe less even.” That would have been around the time the original Mothers lineup, featuring Jimmy Carl Black on drums, initially split.
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