Monday, 25 August 2014

Symphony of Light, a Fine Tribute to Michael Dunford

Renaissance - Symphony of Light
Renaissance – Symphony of Light
Symphony of Light (Symphonic Rock Recordings, 2014)

The new Renaissance album, Symphony of Light, is in reality a reissue of the 2012 indie release, Grandine Il Vento, with three bonus tracks: “Renaissance Man,” “Immortal Beloved” and “Tonight.”

Renaissance is one of the highly original progressive rock groups from the 1970s. Many of its early albums such as Illusion, Prologue, Ashes Are Burning, Turn of the Cards and Scheherazade and Other Stories, and the landmark 1976 live recording Live at Carnegie Hall, are true classics. Renaissance was characterized by its beautiful combination of English folk, classical music and rock with the gorgeous voice of Annie Haslam. Symphony of Light continues in a similar direction, with the signature vocals, piano, acoustic guitars, symphonic arrangements and prog rock elements. Annie’s voice has suffered some changes throughout the years, but she still delivers a fine performance.

The album is a bittersweet presentation. Renaissance’s guitarist Michael Dunford passed away prematurely in 2012. “Renaissance Man,” written by Annie Haslam and keyboardist Rave Tesar honors Dunford. Michael joined Renaissance in 1970 and Annie joined a year after that. They toured and recorded until 1987. In 2009 the band reunited, led by Annie and Michael for their 40th Anniversary tour. Since then, they continued to tour and write new songs.

Still Life
CD - £7.99

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