Thursday, 11 December 2014

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit #99

SHOW 99 – 30-11-14

808 State:         Pacific 202
Phantom Surfers:          Klingons vs Daleks
Mock Turtles:   Why Must I Share this Air with Foolish Men
ATV:    Viva la Rock n Roll
Thirteenth Floor Elevators:        Slip Inside this House
Big Eyes Family Players            Looly Looly
Julie Byrne:       Emeralds
Big Eyes Family Players:           Stretched on Your Grave
Jane Birkin:       Love for Sale
Jane Birkin:       What is this Thing Called Love?
ATV:    Red
Keith Christmas:           Sliding (2013 Mix)
Boards of Canada:        In the Annex
The Monkees:  For Pete’s Sake
Burzum:            Hermodr a Helferd
The Cure:         Catch
Half Japanese:  The Time is Now
Half Japanese:  Meant to be That Way
Boards of Canada:        Sunshine Recorder
Flaming Pudding:          Sunshine Citator
Miles Davies Quintet:    I Could Write a Book
Lee “Scratch” Perry:     Blood of the Dragon
Professor Stanley Unwin:          The Populode of the Musicolly
The Goons:       Bloodnok’s Rock N Roll Call
ATV:    How Much Longer (Alternate Take)
Babeez:            Hate

Captain Goodvibes:      Goodnight Everyone Everywhere

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