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Monday, 7 March 2016

Auburn Dutch review

Review: Freddie
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Through a collaboration of going Rootsville has also arisen again back online with Peter Holmstedt of Hemifran from Sweden. This means there are a whole load of CDs arrived that have previously appeared in 2015 but which we still find that we may not remember you ...
With this album Auburn we are immediately put on the wrong track. This' Mixed Feelings We first thought that this is an alt-country band from the US went but this is obvious on a band of the United Kingdom. 

In 1999 this 'Auburn' life was invoked by singer Liz Lenten. The group went for a while inactive but a reunion took place in 2011 and went back to playing. Liz still does have a rather distinctive voice which both of Bonnie Riatt as a Kate Bush looming comparisons. With this new album, a blend is made of folk, blues and country.

Besides the opening number of the hand is Liz and Mark Gustavina Liz Lenten and this has all the songs written with or without the cooperation of others. Songs like "Love Lost Its Way" however very nice to hear that she has called on fellow musicians who earn their stripes in and around Nashville. Particularly fine guitar playing is heard on "New Years Day" but it is the voice of Liz Lenten that constantly keeps all the attention.

With "Friends" we get a hot song where we still managed to sink in mind to think that our own friends. In this issue JT Brown is the one that comes up a bit in the spotlight also to the harmony vocals Welm. 'Out There' is a pretty poignant ballad where the dream away with your loved one in your mind. On 'Wood For The Trees' comes hillbilly feel just surfaced by Justin Moses who knows how to handle both fiddle and banjo. Quite pleasant to listen to some nice grooves in which we still can be grateful that this group started back in 2011.


01 Mixed Feelings
02 Love Is Lost Way
03 New Years Day
04 Friends
05 Hell Hatch No Fury
06 Crystal Stairs
07 Lovers Lullaby
08 Out There
09 More Then Everything
10 Wood For The Trees
11 Quiet Life
12 Feel The Sun

more info:
year: 2015
Artist: Auburn
Label: Scarlet Records Limited - Bat Country
promotion: Hemifran (Peter Holmstedt)
Liz Lenten: vocals
Lynn Williams: drums
Mark Fain: bass
Justin Moses: fidle, banjo and dobro
Barry Walsh: piano, Wurlitzer organ &
JT Brown: harmony vocals
Thomm Jutz: guitars


Mixed Feelings
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

Indian Summer
CD - £9.99

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