Sunday, 6 March 2016

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit 152 – Let the Train Take the Strain

Strange Fruit 152 – Let the Train Take the Strain
Songs about trains, what a great idea for a radio show, even though I say it myself!    

Featured Album:   Michelle Shocked: Short

Sharp Shocked
1               The Who: 5:15
2               Dillard & Clark: Kansas City Southern
3               The Clash: Train in Vain
4               The Grateful Dead: Casey Jones
5  Woody Guthrie: The Wreck of the Old 97
6  Michelle Shocked: The L&N Don't Stop Here   Anymore
7  Michelle Shocked: (Making the Run to)   Gladewater
8  Peter Cook: The Great Train Robbery
9  Swell Maps: Ammunition Train
10  The Cure: Jumping Someone Else's Train
11  Half Man Half Biscuit: Time Flies By (When   You're The Driver Of A Train)
12  UFO: Mystery Train
13  Soul Asylum: Runaway Train
14  Gang of Four: Outside The Trains Don't Run   On Time
15  Steve Goodman: City of New Orleans
16  The Psychedelic Furs: Into You Like a Train
17  R.E.M.: Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)
18  The Monkees: Last Train to Clarksville
19  Willard Grant Conspiracy: Southend of a   Northbound Train
20  New York Dolls: Subway Train
21  Michelle Shocked: If Love was a Train
22  Michelle Shocked: Memories of East Texas
23  The Grateful Dead: Big Railroad Blues
24  Gene Clark: I Remember the Railroad
25  Underworld: Born Slippy
26  The O'Jays: Love Train
27  The Train Wrecks: Girl from the North   Country
28  The Jam: Down in the Tube Station at   Midnight

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