Monday, 4 July 2016


Raz - The Best of Raz (CD, Gonzo Multimedia, Pop/rock)
It's an interesting experience listening to a best of compilation from an artist who has been making music for thirty-two years. Interesting mainly because we have unfortunately never been exposed to much of Raz's music until now. But this is one of those projects that can be labeled a success because it succeeds at what it is probably aimed at doing which make the listener want to hear more. There's a lot to take in here as these nineteen tracks clock in at over seventy-four minutes. The material covers the entire period from his 1984 debut (Criminals Off the Streets) to his latest album in 2015 (Madison Park). Our guess is that there are a lot more folks overseas who are familiar with Raz than here in the United States. Hearing these ultra-catchy guitar driven pop/rock cuts, it seems amazing that this guy has never received more recognition for his music. But even though he might not be a household name, Raz has received a lot of praise along the way. Guests involved in the recording of some of these tracks include Joey Molland (Badfinger), Joe Vitale, Carla Olson, and Stu Cook. Cool catchy cuts include "The Boy," "The Tattoo Song," "Naked On the Floor," and "Searching Forever." We always appreciate the interesting artists selected by the fine folks at Gonzo Multimedia.


The Best of RAZ
CD - £9.99

Madison Park
CD - £9.99

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